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    Timing Belt and Water Pump chage problem...

    My balance shaft belt is gone, so no it's not just as important. The engine runs better without the drag from the b.s., gas milege is up as well.
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    THE Intake Review Thread

    K&N drop-in filter, hacksawed the bottom off the box, got rid of the huge goiter-thing down below and made a connector from the box to underside of the front end using tape (soon to be fiberglass). Kind of a cold air intake, I guess. Price,not including filter, is about 20 cents for the tape, I...
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    Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

    A UV inhibitor is what to look for to keep the lenses clear, think sunscreen for the plastic. Parking in the shade certainly helps!
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    yellow tint

    How long before the painted reflector starts to look bad? I used the stained glass paint on my corners, after a year they looked pretty bad.
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    rain x

    I'd like to try the Zaino, I heard it comes with a hardener (catylist) that makes the first layer able to support a second coat unlike most waxes that just clean the first coat off.
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    DIY Headlight Haze Removal

    If you guys get the Powerball, just use the Mothers mag wheel/ aluminum polish, the stuff in the can. It works really well on headlights and wheels, then find a good UV inhibitor to keep them looking nice; I'm thinking Zaino is probably the best for the top-coat, I'm still saving for that stuff...
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    Official Random Photo thread

    Great wedding shot, most people are worried about shooting from the front only, but this really captures some good emotion ...nice photo-journalistic feel to it.
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    Spring shock suggestion for a minimal drop...

    I thought Koni Yellows were adjustable 28mm total and only 14mm for extra drop, figuring they come in the middle setting. The Super Cup kit is supposed to be more maybe?
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    honda lift

    For whatever it's worth, I noticed when I jack my accord up (floorjack, not lift kit) the suspension seems to have alot of sag and the camber stays pretty close to where it should be, so maybe a mild lift would work.
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    Trade: Rules!

    Read the rules.
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    TL Sway-Bar question

    A DX front sway is a good choice, can't remember the size but it's the smallest available that I know way would I put a bigger front sway on.
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    Rear Sway Bar Inquiry.

    I've got the 20mm TL-S bar, works great. Next, I'll "upgrade" the front with the (smaller) DX bar, hoping for a little more traction while exiting corners.
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    Aftermarket Horn?

    A really nice air horn is one meant for motorcycles. Howards Hog Horns has a chrome-plated brass high-low horn with compact instant compressor for about $150, looks really good, but probably a waste if you can't see it though. I've seen a compact train-style horn at a truck stop for pretty...
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    Manual transmission fluid change?

    Delo 400 is about $12/gal at Walmart, so I'm adding $6 to every oil change by changing the tranny oil at the same time, running synthetic oil it get's changed 2X a year. $12/yr is pretty cheap tranny insurance. I guess I'm paranoid 'cause my last two cars had synchro issues related to whatever...
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    camber kit on 2" drop?

    The other thing that bothered me about this alignment, besides it being over 100 bucks, was the car pulling to the left because of an issue with the left front tire...they wouldn't even rotate the two left tires for me ! I've been wanting to put some H&R sports on, but I'm afraid of what it all...
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    camber kit on 2" drop?

    I don't get it, my 2000EX is on stock springs and I still have 1deg neg camber in the rear. This is after having the alignment done at the "best" align shop in Tucson. A friend of mine had his lowered M3 done there and was happy with it. They told me I needed $300+ worth of adjustable links for...
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    Manual transmission fluid change?

    I saw a youtube interview with the owner of Spoon Sports, he recommended changing the mtf at the same time as the engine oil. Think about it, there's no filter to catch any shavings or debris from your missed shifts or loaning the car to your little sister, etc. What's worked well for me is...
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    Handling with no Front Swaybar.

    I just got my TL-S (2004) bar today, I checked it with a caliper and it measured 20mm. part#52300-sep-a11 I haven't double-checked that# to make sure it's actually a TL-S bar and it's not installed yet so I can't say for sure it's the one to get, seems strange it's 1mm larger though. I did ask...
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    Handling with no Front Swaybar.

    To shave the bar down, look into a machine shop to mill a couple of flat sections to weaken the bar without heating it up and losing the temper of the metal (it's basically a spring). So grinding would be a bad idea because it would heat the metal too much.
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    Painting High Beam Reflectors Yellow

    If you want to be all 'JDM' about it, there's a company called Vans that puts out headlight/corner spray. The paint costs about $20 for a can that's no bigger than the Krylon stuff. I've seen the 'light smoke' sold here locally and was tempted to buy it,I'm just too cheap to pay that much for a...
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    honda lift

    I've driven alot of cars off-road, mostly rwd Datsuns and Toyotas, never lifted or modified in any way; the main thing is driver skill and studying the terrain. Every vehicle has it's limitations, you just have to learn what those are and work with it. As far as Subaru's go, I've off-roaded a...
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    honda lift

    There's an old Honda Tuning article on a guy who rally races an EF hatch, might get some ideas from that guy. He's running H&R coilovers, I believe. What's with 6th gen members trying to talk this guy out of driving a 6th gen accord anyway? Any numb-nut can drive an suv over rough terrain, it...
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    Handling with no Front Swaybar.

    What rear swaybar are you using? I've got a TL-S bar coming soon (rear) and I'm hoping that will allow better traction like you're describing, basically keeping some weight on the inside front tire for more exiting traction. So what if you just wanted a smaller FSB , any options there?
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    Raw gas smell comming from some where...

    This is the 'Do It Yourself' section, not the 'Do Yourself Injury' section. BTW, my CB9 has been doing this off/on for 4 years or so, mainly if I run it for a very short time and then shut if off.
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    my first photoshoot! (56k?)

    The last 3 pics are quite good, especially the 3rd from the last, the only thing I would do different is turning the tires to see more wheel. I like the clear plates, what's the deal with blurring them out if nothing illegal is going on?

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