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    STUPID P1456! please help me

    i changed the canister and the shut valve for this code, both a few days after each other. CEL didn't come back on.
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    Parents won't let me mod

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    FS: Frisky's For Sale Thread! Nothing over $30!!!

    Still waiting for your quote to 92126 San Diego ca
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    Boost and Inspection NY

    Couldn't you search turbo under members rides and find someone from ny? Like ihazsnail?
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    FS: s2k push start plug and play

    Re: tw s2k push start plug and play I was there? And no tw Abe Lincoln
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    AEM EMS J35/6 Speed on the Dyno

    Lots of infractions are going to be given out once a mod sees this When don't you Tyler?-_____-
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    Front bumper question

    A full front bra
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    Short ram intake

    You can have my generic sri mike. Just pay for shipping
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    Trade: WW Rear Lip for OEM Rear Lip Coupe

    Damn 58cm is kinda too tall for me lol
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    FS: s2k push start plug and play

    Re: tw s2k push start plug and play Silly noob
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    Day off and this is what i decided to do...

    The sticker on the wheel lookss cool haha.i turn 21 in nov alsooo. Plus a lot of people used crown royal bags as shift boots. Some even use them as a seat cover on bikes
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    Front Lip Help

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    ***New Piks+VIDEO!!!

    Re: ***New Piks!!! Cleaaan
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    Cup Cake Meet # 13 OK City, OK. W/PICS

    Re: Cup Cake Meet # 13 OK City, OK. Okc thunder yeaaaah!
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    sell me your stuff

    Irvin has a lip kit too(i better get commission lol)
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    Tygahhhh's 2002 Sedan EX V6

    Aaaaughhh. Welcome homie
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    LunchTime Boredom--56kkkk so be gayyyyee

    i like no he just photoshopped it to look night, lol.
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    Alarm keeps going off!!!!

    i dont think you guys should post what kinda alarm you guys have
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    AEM EMS J35/6 Speed on the Dyno

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    Just me!

    What's scca
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    help, and pics plz?

    Not the same car lol. Search :coffee:
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    HID buzzing sound

    Ddm sucks haha all the ballasts I've gotten from then did the same thing.
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    sell me your stuff

    Xirvin is selling springs for a hundred
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    DIY fog light lens replace

    Buy civic fogs and switch out the whole round part?