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    High Mileage 6th Gens

    Your location shows SoCal, so I'm assuming rust is no issue or concern? In NYC, not so much :( My car is at about 161k which is a toddler to these other cars.
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    Brand new 6GA...basically

    Anyone feel like guessing how much it will actually sell for? I'm thinking maybe 6k or 7k... and that's with it being actually reliable.
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    Stock accord help

    I'll assume you already know, but I'd first make sure the car's maintenance and overall standing is in tip-top shape... especially considering the auto's in these cars are known to be faulty.
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    Hello all!!!

    Congrats on the purchase, and welcome. Man, these cars have gotten pretty cheap in price over the years. You probably already know, but as mentioned already, make sure any and all maintenance woes are taken care of. You'll thank yourself greatly, and probably figure out what direction you...
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    Insert Introduction Post Title Here

    Then that's legitimately quite the deal you got right there.
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    Insert Introduction Post Title Here

    Congratulations. Though I'm curious, what type of work has to be done for getting the car for $250?
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    Accord Has Been Stolen!

    Glad your car was found, although it truly sucks to hear what you're going through now. I wish I could offer something more concrete, but personally I'd try pulling all the strings I can, and seeking legal advice might help.
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    New member from UK

    Welcome. I'd also like to see pics of the car. If I recall correctly, UK Accords have some aesthetically pleasing details in comparison to USDM Accords.
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    Rusty Accord's Wife's 2000 Sedan LX F23A4 w/AT

    Interesting cars. Got a barn back there somewhere? cause it looks like you're raising a flock of cars :)
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    Enne's 1999 Accord LX sedan 2.3 L - Selene

    Even if the car was free, I think handing the car over with trash still in it is uncalled for in my opinion. Nevertheless, very good job on the before and after.
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    What's in the trunk

    Various car fluids (at least one of each), Duracell battery charger, jumper cable, bumper bully, 1 gallon of water, one roll of paper towel, road side kit (includes first aid), lug wrench, standard jack/stand, and spare tire. I think that's everything. Besides the spare tire, which I keep in...
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    FS: Xbox One Elite Console w/ 5 Games, 3 XBL Trials and 1 XBL 12 Mnth Code

    I have the following for sale: Xbox One Elite Console with Elite Controller -- All accessories included. Halo: Master Chief Collection Halo 5 Grand Theft Auto V Batman: Arkham Knight -- unopened! Fallout 4 2 day Xbox Live Trial Two: 14 day Xbox Live Trials 12 month Xbox Live code -- Code was...
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    Rallypoint 's ED6

    Nice car, and much respect being the original owner! Out of curiosity, how many miles are on it? and when was the decision made to modify it towards the extent that it is now?
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    6th generation Accord top selling Accord to date

    Sadly, I tend not to see them in so good condition. And I'm talking just in appearance and maintenance perspective.
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    98 lx Slow gas needle.

    Per my owner's manual - 4 cylinder models: The gauge stays at the same fuel level reading after you turn off the ignition. When you add fuel, the gauge slowly changes to the new reading after you turn the ignition back ON (II). 6 cylinder models: The needle returns to the bottom after...
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    Advice needed for transmission maintenance

    Also, avoid unecessasary hard driving. Give shifts a slight pause before switching to different gears.
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    Advice needed for transmission maintenance

    Drain and refill with OEM fluid. Every other oil change; or twice a year is what I do. Shifts smooth, and haven't had a problem in three years so far.
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    Brake Fluid mysteriously disappear ???

    Are your brake pads wearing thin? Pictures?
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    1999 Accord Vs 1999 Camry which is better looking?

    I almost got a Camry from around those years as well. It's not bad in my opinion. I also used to dislike the Accord sedan tail lights. It grew on me of course after I bought one.
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    What is your favorite paint color of the 6th generation Accord

    Black, Silver/Grey, White, and Blue. I'm going to be biased though and pick my car's color: Night Hawk Black Pearl.
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    HELP my huge freakin bumper to hood gap!!

    Same thing sorta happened here, when I first started working on my car. I winded up buying new radiator mounts because they were bent. My hood was also replaced and painted, which took care of a gap that was on the side of the hood; but that was because rust was getting bad underneath anyway. A...
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    OEM upper control arm.....$190? and Curry Acura/Honda - are good sites as well.
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    SRS light turned on..

    Has the light ever turned on before for you? What exactly did they do during that smog check? Try doing what is stated in this thread to see if the light comes back after being reset -- If you do wind up going back, be prepared to...
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    Coming back to the 6th gen game again...

    What made the Ford Fusion the worst car purchase you have ever made? You probably already know; but remember to check for rust, tired/not working parts, etc.