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    DIY: DEI Header Wrap (V6)

    looks good. notice any difference after wrapping?
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    Gas and Brake pedal problem

    seafoaming might be worth a shot. And while you're at it switch out the sparks, cap, and rotor to improve overall trhottle response. :boink:
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    3.5 Build @ 5050Movement (Updated: July4th/09)

    Re: 3.5 Build up thread good luck. sounds like alot of money and time. ;)
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    Removing entire front dash

    Sounds like a pain. Good luck! Get some pics if possible.
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    Where's my money man!?

    funniest scene imo is when stewie talks about brain's novel. couldn't find the clip but heres the live version. guy is talented. :omgbd:
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    Cool Euro R Vid's

    awesome vids!
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    My 99 Coupe pics - 5spd swapped

    Nice swap. pretty dark tints, cops would be all over that down here.
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    J35a4 swap

    looks like a beast! how long did it take and how much man power?
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    Eibach bumpstop problem

    If the bumpstops are stock then yes you have to trim them, if they are "Eibach bumpstops" that came with the kit then it might be already trimmed. You can always hit up the 800 number.
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    Official 6GA DIY Master List

    awesome. thanks
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    Timing belt cover.

    Bought my 98 accord ex about a couple years ago at 155k miles, and its currently at 177k miles.:rock:. I was thinking its about that time to change my timing belt, but i have no idea what the previous owner has done. Is it possible to judge whether you need a change or not by seeing the belt...
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    anyone use vortec cyclone???

    the marketing makes it seem fake. but then again it was on nbc news! lol I'd say its now worth it.
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    slap-on cone filter

    Yeah we just dropped down to around $3.40 here in St. Louis, MO.:beer:
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    slap-on cone filter

    thanks for the help. I do tend to rev it more nowadays. =/, good thing gas has been going down
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    slap-on cone filter

    After reading the modded CAI intake, i was thinking of just removing the air filter box and slappin on a cone filter, clamping it to the existing pipe/tube. Would the original pipe/tube just bottleneck the whole idea?
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    6th Gen FAQ (Read Before Posting)

    answered alot of questions. props
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    DIY cold air intake, CAI (PICS & Video!)

    clever. might remove my SRI to try it. =)
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    Instal: Shocks/Coilovers

    just got finished doing this on friend's car. sucks without power tools.
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    LWLBA's 2001 Eternal Blue Pearl Accord Coupe EX updated 08-13-09 (56k bad idea)

    Re: LWLBA's 2001 Eternal Blue Pearl Accord Coupe EX (56k bad idea) clean as a whistle. :omgbd: