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    There's Always One

    wow thats amazing, makes me wanna try something with all the cheap pumpkins since its after holloween
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    if this was yours.....

    woooooooooooot go 4 dooor
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    Accord TL-S

    all i have to say is wow, thats alota money spent. can't wait to see the pictures
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    help a virgin out!

    all i could say is hit up craigslist if its that important
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    No drop for me

    i said the same but pff i love my drop its seeeeexy, you don't know what you got till you got it? :D
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    Do you flash your brights to warn drivers of a cop???

    i i was thought it was lucky, because when i see high beams i saw a cop a few seconds later i thought it was always a GOOD sign, lol
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    Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

    reminds me of my mom and my friends mom lol
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    carwash pics

    love the dumped ride
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    My team members Fit 56k beware...

    hot hot hot hot hot!
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    Think about what bothers you the most on your car

    i dislike auto so mucho
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    Intake Noise

    cold air sounds sooooo sexy but sri is cool
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    SO CAL pepz auto - 5spd swap

    people in so cal where did you get your auto to 5spd swap at?:thinking:
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    5spd swapped finally.....

    i JEALOUS!!!!!
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    Full shot (56k Warning) Update few more pics 8-18-08

    Re: Full shot (56k Warning) I wish i had better rims nice ride yoo
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    Damn Bernie Mac... Dead...

    he was one of the best and will be remebered.
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    pimped out ride! what do u guys think about it?

    haha hella pimped out
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    price quote on 5speed swap

    what is the shops name! i wanna check it out asap! i want a 5 spd swap!
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    Put the 'brows on

    sweeet yo
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    is it just me who thinks this is ridiculous?

    lol the ending is lovely
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    removing stock wing

    i had the same problem, i wanted to take off my wing then i ran into all these holes and i don't wanna repaint the trunk or put tape so i put back on the wing =[ :fail:
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    bass and your rearview mirror

    the box my 15 is in was for an 18' but he gave up and put another layer of wood to fit his 15 then he got another box and gave me his box so i have a huge box in my trunk and the 15' is being powered by..Kole Audio
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    bass and your rearview mirror

    my 15' sub hits so hard my rearview mirror fell off = problem solved ;D
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    Some Rollin Shots....

    hecka hot
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    Stoppin Trunk Rattle

    what if i stuff my trunk with a bunch of pillows? not to sound noob or anything but with drums don't people stuff the bass? just wondering because i have a 15 inch pushing 1300 watts and i rattle agrip, i just want an easy way out x.x