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    FS: OEM Retrofitted Headlights

    Damn I always miss out on these... ):
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    Is it possible to make accord sound super loud and deep like STI/Mustang?

    Just looking for a deep toned exhaust (like everyone else is saying) and possibly straight pipe it? The Subaru "rumble" sound is mainly from the boxer engine and unequal headers. I had a '12 WRX.
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    Rear view mirror/Windshield

    There's chunks missing, so the mirror can't be mounted correctly. And yeah... unfortunately he's gonna have to pay.
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    Rear view mirror/Windshield

    So my friend completely broke my rear-view mirror off my windshield. I've tried to use the mirror glue they sell at Autozone and auto stores, all those fail to work because the glass is just completely broken where the mirror goes into place. Do I have to get a completely new windshield to fix...
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    WTB: Retrofit Headlights

    I'm looking to buy retrofit headlights, looking to get them around $300 shipped or throw me some prices!
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    P1456 code and fuel vapour leak

    ^ I've did the same exact things as posted above. I've learned to ignore it, but ignoring it won't help because I have to renew my registration and get my car smogged before March.
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    k3ychain 2014 build

    So you're working with the IS300 and another 6thgen? Crazy, nice to see you back though.
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    Loud Exhaust Fix-it Ticket

    That doesn't sound very safe, haha. Also, the people at the ref station I'm taking my car to are very thorough when they evaluate cars so I think they'd notice something like that.
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    Loud Exhaust Fix-it Ticket

    I wish I could slap a stock exhaust on... Don't have the money to go out and buy one and don't wanna take the time to install one.
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    Loud Exhaust Fix-it Ticket

    I was recently pulled over and given a fix it ticket for my exhaust. I have a GReddy Evo2 exhaust. Do I have the option to just go to the CHP office and try and get it signed off with the exhaust on? I read around that you can have a modified exhaust in California as long as it doesn't break...
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    Official DSLR Owner's Club

    I guess I'll be #93. I just got a Canon 600D (T3i). :peace:
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    Weird sound from passenger side wheel.

    It screeches really loud when I let off the gas and when I'm coming to a stop. When I'm pushing on the gas pedal it doesn't make any sound.
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    Weird sound from passenger side wheel.

    I just got my upper control arm and upper ball joint replaced and now when I'm driving and coming to a stop there's a loud squeaking screeching sound. I'm not sure what it is, but it's obnoxious and annoying.
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    Getting a noise when turning right

    Most likely your CV Axle. I've had this issue twice with my car and it has turned out to be my CV axle both times. It doesn't hurt to check it out yourself.
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    How much would this be to fix?

    So yeah, picture explains itself. It's not the scratches I'm worried about. I buffed it all out. It's the fact that there's little dents all along the door and rear fender. How much would it cost to get it fixed? Someone hit my car while it was parked so there's not much I can do for that.
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    High Mileage 6th Gens

    I have a 1998 EX Coupe with 95k Original miles. It needs maintenance very soon. (Timing belt, transmission, AC hoses, brakes, rotors, etc) But from what I'm concerned 95k miles is still very little compared to a lot of people here.
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    Sleeper Cell's Coupe *56K death trap*

    Damn, I do too. Since I think we live REALLY close to each other.
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    Socal Sightings!

    I live there off of Morning Creek :)
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    Socal Sightings!

    Mission Viejo/Rancho Santa Margarita - Chevron off of Antonio I believe? You have a black sedan, definitely slammed. Very clean. Anyone on here?
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    Sunroof: 1998 Accord EX-Turbocharged

    Nice dude! You should put up a mods list, that'd be awesome.
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    Driver side door stuck!

    Thank you, let me know what you end up doing because I still haven't fixed mine. I've been doing some research too, and I'm not trying to take it in somewhere and spend lots of money.
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    sonni_kuba 2001 'Mugen' J32A2/6MT Accord

    Re: sonni_kuba 2001 'Mugen' Accord I really like it man! Nice work. :)
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    Driver side door stuck!

    Hi, so my driver side door refuses to open. My lock and unlock work and my passenger side door opens as well. No matter if I try opening from the inside or outside it doesn't open. I also would try taking my panel off but it doesn't seem possible without my door opening. Can you someone help me...
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    6thGen Sedan on XXR.. My (p)RIDE

    It looks great! Nice work, I hope you keep doing more :)