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    Nitrous Wet Kit

    How well does the F23 handle nitrous.
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    Radar Detector Test

    How is 15 over reckless. WTF!
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    Meet Somewhere For All Easterners

    I would go if the meet was in Maryland. I have some family friends that live there. At least I would have something else to go there for. I don't like a 5-8 hour drive for just a 5 hour meet.
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    feeling ricey

    Is it possible for an accord to actually be race-able more than rice-able?
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    carsound hiflow cat

    Yes, it does. I just had one installed. Performance did change a little bit. Really when I am starting off from stop. But then again, I needed a new cat anyways. The ODBII was giving the Cat Insufficiency error. Bought it off of
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    what indoor speaker

    I have a full set of Alpine Type R speakers with 600W Alpine Amp for the 12 Type R sub. Its expensive but damn good.
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    Radar Detector Test

    Well, what if both cars were going 80 in a 65? Not Racing, one behind the other?
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    Middle console light ....

    Cops don't pull me over. I pull them over.
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    my trunk...

    I need to do something to my accord.
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    Radar Detector Test

    Haha, yea. After I got my X50 I started to learn where cops usually are. I go 10+ all the time, and if another car is going faster than that I will follow. One cop can't easily poll both of us over before the other slows down. But then again the X50 does great detecting the Ka band. If it...
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    Radar Detector Test

    LOL! Over between Sawmill and 315S on 270. They actually use planes to clock cars. Now when u get clocked by a plane ur ****ed. After hearing a few of those stories I only speed there when its cloudy lol.
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    Alright since I got a message that I should introduce myself I guess I should. My name is Eric. I drive a 99' Honda Accord LX 4Cyl. F23. Right now everything is stock. But will soon be different. You can still call me a bit of a car newb. I am in the learning process.
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    Test Pipe...

    LOL! I got a Magnaflow/Car Sound High Flow Cat Converter for 92$ from :) Even better that I got free shipping with it too!
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    Radar Detector Test

    I managed to purchase one a while back. Awesome thing is. I was going 55 in a 35. After peeling out in a intersection. The second my X8500 Blue went off I dropped down to 35. Cop pulls me over and asks me why I was in a hurry. Great thing was, he didn't get to clock me so what he ended up doing...
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    Yea, well its still F****** awesome when you can feel your speakers.