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    FS: 1999 Accord LX part out/sale

    So i have a 99 accord lx 4cyl that i recently crashed. It needs 1k in parts according to the shop to be good as new including front bumper, headlights, radiator and support, AC condensor, hood, and a fender. Aftermarket parts include: Function and Form type 1 coilovers Stage 2 clutch with...
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    f23a1 mods

    I always hear nothing but problems with the g23 builds. And honestly FWD kinda sucks so i may have to just invest in a new vehicle.
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    f23a1 mods

    Hey guys I am starting a new job in a couple weeks and will be making good money. So i am debating whether or not to mess with my car or buy something nice. Was just wondering if it would be smart to try and lightly build an f23a1 as in getting a more aggressive cam and valve springs. Get a new...
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    Projekt G23[Rebooted] | [Ended] Euro r H22A

    Re: Projekt G23 How much HP are you aiming for with this build?
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    Starting the Swap Process

    So the next step i want to do is an h22a swap. I have found the motor, My friend was going to use it but then he decided to go k24 instead. It has about 40k-50k miles. The bottom end is all together bu the head is off. I am going to check it out sometime later in the week. I was just wondering...
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    How low can I go?

    Those are 17 inch speedy lite 7's. They are pretty light for only being like 400$. The only thing i dont like is the machined lip make them look smaller than they are.
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    FS: Parting Out 2000 i4 5 speed sedan

    Are the passenger doors still in good condition? Also was it a stock header and exhaust or aftermarket?
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    THE Suspension Review Thread

    Brand & model: Function and Form type 1 Price paid and from where: 530$ from robear racing Pros: Much stiffer ride and the ability to go as low as you want is cool. The adjustable ride height is awesome. Cons: If you live somewhere with bad roads they could get pretty annoying because...
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    Who is This?

    That should have been in the fast and furious.
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    What will go first?

    So my motor has about 180k miles on it right now and i know the kid i bought the car from was a half assed mechanic and the motor is in rough shape. I have been talking about doing an h22a swap for a while and finally convinced my dad that its a good idea. So he told me that when my motor blows...
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    How low can I go?

    Picked it up last night but it was too dark to take any good pics. Its definitely lower but still not low enough, Gotta roll the fenders and going lower this weekend.
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    How low can I go?

    Still waiting to pick it up because my dad enjoys being a douche and not letting me leave work to get it. I will post pics as soon as i see it. Unless its utterly disappointing in which case im going to crash it into a tree.
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    How low can I go?

    Car is finally ready to get picked up. They got it as low as it can go before camber kits are needed. We will see if i should go any lower.
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    How low can I go?

    I neither have the time nor the patients, Im trying to run my dads company while getting my own **** done.
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    How low can I go?

    I dont think the offset is too crazy. I guess i have a lot of trial and error in my future seeing how low i can make it before i have problems.
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    How low can I go?

    So i just got a call from the guy putting them on and hes trying to tell me that i need a camber kit in the rear to make them fit. Is this true or can i just roll the fenders like ive been told?
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    Header and Exhaust

    lol damn i was hoping nobody would notice
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    How low can I go?

    The only thing im worried about with slamming it is driveways and speed bumps. And we have quite a few railroad tracks around here.
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    How low can I go?

    Just gonna buy a dc sports one instead. They have great ground clearance for going low.
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    How low can I go?

    Im so excited for the install. I will most certainly be taking before and after pics. I wont be able to slam it yet because i have a noname ebay header that hangs way too low because it has no mounting bracket. But were still going as low as we can now. Once the new header and hopefully catback...
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    Header and Exhaust

    Currently shopping for a new header and exhaust for my 99 lx sedan i4. If you have anything for sale please do message me.
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    How low can I go?

    So my function and form type 1s just arrived, I was just wondering if there was anything i should know about before putting them on and making it low. I do know that ill probably have to roll my rear fenders but is there anything else i should be aware of?
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    Any Bikers??

    Been riding a gary fisher cake 2 for years and ive never had anything better i absolutely love it.
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    FS: .........

    rules :lock: