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    Socal craigslist findings

    eibach prokit lowering springs for 4 cyl. 100 bux obo:
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    DIY: Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

    that's freakin great.. awesome diy!! thank you!!!
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    Engine starts, then dies, then will not start.

    hi, i have the same problem w/ my accord.. i was told b4 that it was the fuel pump by a friend that used to be a mechanic, but that wasn't the case.. i installed a new one and it still didn't start up :( i was then told that it might be the ignitor (ignition coil) or main relay or both.. main...
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    everyone on this site should get a haynes manual.. or helms if you got $$. 15 bucks is totally worth it for the haynes tho, for SURE
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    Is this an okay setup?

    components in the front is night and day difference compared to coaxials.. used to have some infinity coaxials but got some cheaper polk components from a friend.. night and day, all i can say.. i dont have a super system or ne thing either, actually i haven't had a sub in like a year lol.. i'd...
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    High Mileage 6th Gens

    my 98 coupe 4cyl is about to hit 190K soon, original motor & auto trans.. trans started slippin like 15k miles ago but i have a 5th gen 5 spd sitting in my garage :). suspension is shot but i got some prokits that are waiting for tokico blues when i get money. bout to change out my timing belt...
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    Multiple Engine Oil Reviews: a MUST READ for ALL Enthusiasts !

    really? should i stop using it theN? i've been using mobil 1 for about.. 25k miles and i am now at 190k miles total :) havent seen a drop leak yet.. is this an issue with older motors + synthetic oils?
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    Socal craigslist findings

    auto to 5spd swap? 5th gen trans. for sale:
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    all kinds of problems here please help

    hi, im not 100% sure this info. will apply to you, but hopefully it can help you out.. about the climate control not working and your compressor turning on/off at random, it might be a "multiplex control unit" that has gone bad. i used to have a similar if not the same problem with the climate...
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    Socal craigslist findings

    aem short ram intake: