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  1. Bearcat

    A/C fan not working

    Our A/C, heater fan stop working. The a/c light still come on if I push it, but no fan, no air comes out. Fuse is OK. What could be wrong? Please help. The weather in LA is heating up to the 90's this weekend.
  2. Bearcat

    Driver side Power Door Lock not responding

    My CRV's driver's side door lock is not responding to the remote control nor auto door lock switch; it can only be operated by a key. There is no sound or vibration when using the switch or the remote. The other 3 door locks work. Any idea?
  3. Bearcat

    DIY Wheel Repair

    I just touched mines and they look a lot better.
  4. Bearcat

    Thinking about changing tire size to 205/60/15?

    I am thinking about changing the tire size from 195/65/15 to 205/60/15 while keeping my SE rims. Anyone got this size? Do you like the size? I know the overall diameter is about 3% smaller which will result in shorter gear which is good, because I think my 5 speed is geared a lil too tall.
  5. Bearcat

    Rev Hang between shifts (manual)?

    My Accord rev hangs about 1 second.
  6. Bearcat

    Rev Hang between shifts (manual)?

    Rev hang: during shifting, the rpm stays high for a few seconds even after letting go of the throttle.
  7. Bearcat

    Rev Hang between shifts (manual)?

    Do you feel your Accord has a little rev hang during shifts?
  8. Bearcat

    After clutch job, clunk noise when start up?

    Went to another shop today and found out that the front engine mount bolt was very loose. After tightening it, clunk is gone!:thumbsup:
  9. Bearcat

    After clutch job, clunk noise when start up?

    I had a transmission shop did a clutch job on my car. I now notice a brief clunk noise when the engine fires up and turn off. The new Exedy OE clutch seems to work very well and the shifting action was even improved. The car drive fine too. What could have gone wrong.
  10. Bearcat

    Official 0-60 Thread

    How fast is a stock cpe 5 spd?
  11. Bearcat

    6th gen Accord Decal pics

    Nice. How much$?
  12. Bearcat

    5spd SE

    Did you do the swapt? How is the Exedy OE clutch?
  13. Bearcat

    Exedy OE Spec Clutch?

    Anyone has this clutch? How is the performance?
  14. Bearcat

    Rear Deck Speaker Wires, which ones are positive?

    The right rear has red w/orange & red w/white stripe; which one is the "+"?
  15. Bearcat

    Honda Accord 98-02: Pollen/Dust Filter Rplcmnt

    Pictures or remove this sticky.
  16. Bearcat

    Honda Accord 98-02: Pollen/Dust Filter Rplcmnt

    Pictures & instructions please:thinking:
  17. Bearcat

    Rear Deck Speaker Wires, which ones are positive?

    I am replacing the 6x9 speakers on the rear deck. Anyone know which wire is the positive for the left and right?
  18. Bearcat

    Anyone Ever tried the "test pipe"

    You're right. It's a illegal and a selfish mod that's not worth doing.
  19. Bearcat

    need some low end power.

    Toyota's 2.4L direct injection & Nissan's 2.5L
  20. Bearcat

    Need a review on Exedy OEM clutch kit. Anyone has it?

    I'm thinking about getting an Exedy OEM clutch kit. My car is all stock.
  21. Bearcat

    need some low end power.

    I need to know too. My car is all stock and there is no beef <2200 rpm. What is sri?
  22. Bearcat

    Auto transmission info?

    I know that you must use Honda ATF or else you'll develope problems. I figure people who have problems either don't change the ATF often or they use the wrong fluid.
  23. Bearcat

    DIY Wheel Repair

    Do they have the Duplicolor wheel paint in a touch up container? I just want to touch up mine.
  24. Bearcat

    What do you use to touch up scratches on silver rims?

    Just bought a set of SE wheels. One rim has a .75" x 1.5" scratch on it showing the bone. What do you guys use for touch up paint? Can you use the paint for model airplane?
  25. Bearcat

    Show me your aftermarkeet shift knobs

    Wow Total, that does look sexy!:thumbsup: What setup do you got?