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    Re: car stalling out When does this happen? Starting from a cold engine or starting after the car has run for a while on a hot day? My car used to do this after driving on a hot day in stop and go traffic and then quickly stopping off at a local mall. When I get back into the car the thing...
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    Should I go with clear housing or black housing TYC projectors?

    I would say black housings. I have a dark green car and like the way mine looks with the black projectors and HIDs
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    I love it and use it whenever I can I wish the opening was bigger
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    projectors upside down in new tycs

    Does anyone not find it odd that both are flipped? You figure if it was a manufacturing problem only one would be flipped.
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    installing halo projector headlights

    Some people hate them because the light output is terrible compared to the stock headlights. I like how they look and I put in a set of HIDs in mine to make them brighter. Others recommend the TYC projectors as they are supposed to be better qualiy. There are tutorials here on how to install...
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    Question about headlights..

    I got halos and love how they look I wired the halos to come on with my fog lights The output of the low beam is terrible I put 6000K HIDs in the low beams and they are much brighter now. I don't understand the glare problems as the projectors have an obvious cutoff on the output so it will not...
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    its drivin me crazy!!!

    I do notice that if I use the Mr Clean Auto dry that the next time it rains the water does slip off. If it has rained and I get in the garage I squeegee the water off to prevent the water spots. They make (used to make) super soft squeegees for the car body. Regular squeegees can mark your paint.
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    hid flickers in new projectors

    I would think it is the plug from the bulb to the ballast or the ballast to the factory harness. Play around with the wires leading into the plugs to see if you can find your problem. These generally are not as good a qualty as OEM ones and could have a loose connection.
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    Halo Headlights

    Before I found this forum and knew about TYCs I got some halos from a local guy. I like how thay look but the output is not as bright as the stock ones. I put in HIDs in the low beams and love them. My Halos take H1 and H3 bulbs When I got the HID kit I got the H1 bulb but the plug from the...
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    sunroof wind guard on a sedan

    Does anyone have one of these on their car? I recall when buying my car the salesguy did not recommend it because it actually generated more noise then no guard.
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    How bad of an idea are ebay HIDs

    My projectors take H1 (low) and H3 bulbs. When I got the HID kit they were for the 9006 bulb. The ballast plugged into the car wiring harness plugs (9006) but I needed a different cable to go from the ballast to the H1 bulb. Where I got my HID kit they swapped out the 9006 ballast to...
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    HID kit Club!

    #39? Halo Projectors with 6000K HID on low beams
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    HID Ballast location?

    I got projectors for my 2000 V6 Coupe and got an HID kit for the low beams. Since I have a V6 so the engine compartment is cramped. Where have people put their ballasts? I was thinking of taking the bumper off to see if there is space under the headlight assembly but wanted to find out what...
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    Projector or Halo Light Conversion?

    I welcome any advice. I just wish I found this forum before I purchased the halos. I am a bit reluctant to spend more money on TYCs but we shall see over time if these ones do not work out.
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    Projector or Halo Light Conversion?

    Well I took the car out last night to test it out. Yes the output is not as bright as stock but I found it OK. The passenger side was aligned fairly well but the drivers side is completely out of wack. The main headlight projectors have a couple of light spillage points which I am not...
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    Projector or Halo Light Conversion?

    Doh!! Got one of the halo headlights from a local guy and just put them in. I like the look but have not driven them at night yet. We shall see how bad they are. I live in the city so it may not be a major problem. Not sure if I want to do a HID conversion since I don't want to blind...