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    check this pic out

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    New rubber and front end, take a look !

    I love your car! What size rims/tires????
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    Dimzpeed 2000 white 4drs accord lx (56k beware)

    imo go back to the smoked tails better... altezzas are ok if you like them
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    What would you do? Take the insurance check or fix?

    No I don't plan on running it until it dies.... but it is/was a great car!
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    What would you do? Take the insurance check or fix?

    Hey Everyone, I need help deciding what to do. I recently was hit by big truck while I was merging after paying the toll. I was at a complete stop and the truck was as well. He was merging left and I was merging right. There was a space about 3 car lengths in front so I moved into that...
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    Project BlackOut

    The interior black vinyl looks great with what you have done so far... hopefully you'll be able to get to finish soon... good luck...
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    Tri-State Roll Call

    elizabeth, nj
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    98 Accord High Beams Do Not Work...

    I have a 98 Accord LX 4 cyl. I'm having a bit of headlight trouble. I have checked all bulbs high/low all new. Now the problem is as follows: When I turn on my headlights the low beams work, but when I put the high beams on, they do not work, only the low beams. I get the interior blue...
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    got bored

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    How to clear your CEL (after the problem is fixed)

    thanks for the info... gonna give it a try
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    NJ NY CT MA Meet?

    If I'm in town and I get my camber kit installed on my accord, I would definitely like to come out. I'm pretty new on the site, but have been checking it out for a while... One of those scenic areas sounds nice...
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    Sickest SUV ever. Widebody TT Infinity FX

    that was a sick build... infiniti has some nice cars out... that fx is fire!
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    Che che check ittttt... New Look/New Pics

    I like the whip... haven't seen the before version but I imagine it was just as nice... good job
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    SSR Type Cs for ME

    Doesn't look that bad... agree though that the wheel gap is a bit odd
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    6th Generation Accord Meet '07 Skyline drive, VA *56k beware*

    Who drove the farthest to get there?
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    Accord_V6_400m's 01 Accord Concept Sedan

    awesome numbers man... love the swap... car looks good
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    Rman402's 99' 4 Door 4 Banger (56k) New Pics 1/14/08

    Re: Rman402's 99' 4 Door 4 Banger (56k) New pics Pg 2 Updated 6/22 definitely looking much better with the bumper and hood replacement... nice interior job as well... keep up the good work
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    Jace's 98 Accord Sedan LX

    i like your car... are you planning on getting a carbon fiber hood or planning to stay as is.... nonetheless nice ride man
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    Officials Crack Down On Street Racing By Crushing Cars!!!

    hey, didn't see the other thread, i just read it last night on yahoo and thought i'd share it...
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    Officials Crack Down On Street Racing By Crushing Cars!!!

    Check this out... I thought this was pretty wild out in Cali... :147703263745b138a51 the video couple of pics the story RIALTO, Calif. - Charles Hoang winced when the whoosh went out of the tires. Daniel Maldonado took pictures with a digital camera as glass exploded...
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    Re: You know you drive an 6th gen Accord when.... For real!!! That makes me mad on mine... and the A/C knob breaking off...
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    nike dunks.....they are freakin hard to break in!

    dunks are hard to break in but once you do they're nice and comfortable... the sb (skateboarding) dunks have the extra padding so that helps a bit... just gotta walk it out for now :P
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    Who says Accord's cant make power

    that's just sick! is that guy a member here with more info on his accord?
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    aftermarket cat question

    alright thank you everyone who replied i appreciate your input..
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    May/June ROTM Winner "DarkSideAccord"

    i love how clean it is... great job and congrats man!