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  1. jccg5

    Broke a stud, how hard to replace?

    yea well is just tap in and tap out like you said, But however you cant get the hub out and seperate them from the knuckle. You need like 600 pound of force to press the hub againt the knuckle, but you need to get the hub out to tap out the stud.
  2. jccg5

    dropped + wheels&tires

    skunk2 spring is great ...i used to have it..
  3. jccg5

    teaser pic... LWLBA style

    what tire is that !!
  4. jccg5

    license plate ideas

  5. jccg5

    Think twice when speed...

    :eekwtf: is not funny when you in it..
  6. jccg5

    Watermelon Dance? 00:23 =)
  7. jccg5

    Noise on passenger side of engine

    yea i read the thread on v6p
  8. jccg5

    Rear Lower than the Front?

    I have the same set up as you are fallenangel...the front i lower it too the max...the rear i lower it and only 2 thread on the slevee is showing left.ever since i did that everyone give me compliment on my car alot .....but no boat look for i love my car now .haha
  9. jccg5

    how could i install this mugen lip on my car?

    98-00 coupe + 01-02 coupe lip = n0 01-02 coupe lip + 98-00 coupe = no 98-00 coupe lip + 01-02 coupe lip = :)
  10. jccg5

    What you guys think?

    what song is it...perfect song and perfect image..oh man..sad sorry bro ..i know what you been throught and holy moly god mother of are vietnamese..and i will be calling you touch of clas
  11. jccg5

    Someone PLEASE buy this.........

  12. jccg5

    Official Silver Sedan/Coupe Crew ROLL CALL!

  13. jccg5

    Official Silver Sedan/Coupe Crew ROLL CALL!

    when i bought the sideskirt i was fitment it..when i bold it on..the middle loow so much lower then the front and the rear i was like awww nooo... i should of went with mugen side..but then i cut it down to 1 inches..and now is level with the front and the rear :talk-punch:
  14. jccg5

    Official Silver Sedan/Coupe Crew ROLL CALL!

    ight i will post therer picture up in little bit...and thank...they japanese mang...what u expect....oh and the sideskirt is m3 sideskirt..well i cut it shorter to fit perfect length with the front and the rear.
  15. jccg5

    New ride

    swap...gas ant cheap this days...and infinity = 91 octane only...if 87 or 89 octane..CEL Come on....happen to my buddy ...he tire of paying for gas..i overheard him..he said he will trade it in for the new civic lmao
  16. jccg5

    Official Silver Sedan/Coupe Crew ROLL CALL!

    Here are mine...SILVER FTW... Nite picture at Infamous m Day picture at my new house..
  17. jccg5

    Official Silver Sedan/Coupe Crew ROLL CALL!

    Silver Slammed On Ksport..soon To Post Picture
  18. jccg5

    New ride

    Just Do A 6 Speed Swap..rather Then Own Another 40-50 G And Wait For It To Paid Not Gonna Pay Off Is Self....
  19. jccg5

    Lowering car soon

    for some reason all tein product spring give the boat no likely....i like skunk2 better
  20. jccg5

    Jasonvictory86's 2001 Accord LX Sedan

    that not the mugen lip..
  21. jccg5

    My end to 6thgen...

    no im serious...jk :)
  22. jccg5

    Need Help Deciding Wheels

    all three of them make ur accord look like it come from EAST LA....none of them that i like but to each his own..
  23. jccg5

    My end to 6thgen...

    let all go to whiteaccord house...and find out....road trip time...20 30 accord outside of whiteaccord house..ahha