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    Help!! Slammed accord down.

    Was driving my accord home from work and hit a hard *** bump on these nasty Houston street. Drove a minute down to the local oriellys and the oil light started flashing. I immediately shut off the car and checked the oil pan and oil but they were both good. Meaning oil is topped out and no...
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    4Cylinder Power loss

    Well I’m just trying to see if that is the problem because my uncles a mechanic and checked out my car and I told him it could be it, he said no, it has a leak. If it was clogged it wouldn’t matter because it has a leak and will just come it the catalytic converter. 215K mileage on the motor...
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    4Cylinder Power loss

    Meaning my car is slammed. So when I go on my driveway and stuff it basically broke into the catalytic converter. There’s a leak under it. Any solutions fellow 6th gen owners??
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    4Cylinder Power loss

    I’ve been owning my 6th gen for a little over a year now and about a month ago I’ve been feeling power loss from my motor. It starts up good and everything, have battery and good alternator. When it’s cold and you step on it, it will get right on it, but once it is warm the car starts to lose...