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    My Timeline and Reintroduction

    yea he should have kept the kit and the te-37s!
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    Need Help! Mod Gone Wrong?

    u might want to check if you un-did some vacuum lines while u were taking out the header.
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    Need Help! Mod Gone Wrong?

    did you replace the gaskets when you switched back to stock?
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    My Hayame Exhaust v. Awesome SoS

    haha glad you like the JDM packing peanuts. :p i'm glad everything got there fine and dandy. if you want a silencer i think you can find a generic silencer on ebay. just measure the exhaust outlet diameter. there are holes for screwing in the silencer on the exhaust already.
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    Hayame Cat-Back Exhaust

    come on ups deliver it already!
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    Official 6GA Slam Dunk Competition

    sick man! man i'm happy i could touch the bottom of the backboard!
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    Should i Buy these or no....

    your speedometer will be off. you will be going slower than what your speedometer tells you. also you will put on more milage on your car even though you didn't actually travel those amount of miles.
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    Should i Buy these or no....

    just make sure the tires won't be too small. use that site to calculate if the tires are going to be too small or not.
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    Who needs a House

    good god...
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    drifting with airplanes not really but skills none the less
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    I hope Wildman's ok...Va Tech killings

    msn stated 22 people killed and many more wounded. i hope wildman didn't get caught up in the crossfire.
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    will ferrell in "the landlord" hilarious... :beer:
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    evo or sti the new sti pics
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    evo or sti

    supposely they have a sedan version as well.
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    i might have to leave the country soon..

    damn sucks man. Hope everything works out and you can stay!
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    6th gen decent drifting

    that's pretty good! and it's in an autotragic
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    Exhaust Sounds hayame exhaust.
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    My DA just got out of tha shop...lmk what u guys think

    i like those rims and tire combo! :p
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    i did it at autoX when i had some ****ty tires in the rear and azenis in the front. ppl were complimenting me on my drifts...even though i didn't want to.
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    some ***hole ****ed up my car

    i had that happen to me...except worse since they took off **** load of paint. i was so everytime i go to class i write down the plates of the person i park next to just in case.
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    Got Shoes???

    i bought a pair of reebok driving shoes that were on sale.
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    My accord on 16's....wrong tire size though

    i have 16" rota slipstreams. for some reason everyone thinks they look like 17". use that to calculate how much off from stock can also try to select the appropriate size that you should run to match as close to stock as possible.
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    Alignment Help!

    what is your toe measurement? maybe the shop didn't get it PERFECTLY zero. did you just lower your car before the alignment?
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    free gift from the dealership

    umbrella will help you 60-0 times. :p