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    Ride in an Ferrari F430 Scudaria today

    One of my top 10 cars right there. awesome!
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    You know you drive a 6th gen when your electrical ignition switch goes out and you drive from Rehobeth Deleware to Blacksburg Virginia (7 hours) holding the key half way between on and start...
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    Installed headers and test pipe, now weird rattling noise?

    since it only rattles when you accelerate i.e. when lots of exhaust gasses are flowing, its probably an exhaust leak. Did you buy good quality headers? Some cheap headers have ****ty flex pipes and they leak and hiss and tick really bad. It could also be your heat shield tho. my cat heat...
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    Acurazine meet today 56k no way

    Holy TL's Batman! looks awesome, I love TL's! sorry to thread jack, but what wheels are on this accord? They look sick! I read his rotm thread but he had different wheels then i guess. They kinda look like bbs ch's.
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    my turbo kit. boosted guys lend me a hand!

    don't forget the IACV 3 to 2 wire conversion and you should be all good. search for it on here.
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    New to the forum!

    I'm a Junior in Electrical engineering. I live in Foxridge now, moving to TVC (above gumbys) this summer. I am prolly gonna be here another 2-3 years tho because I switched from aerospace.
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    Clutch problem - urgent!

    like above posts, check for leaks around the master, slave, and line between; find the leak; replace/fix; win.
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    New to the forum!

    Yeah... not funny... but thanks for all the welcomes! Wildman, what year are you / what are you studying?
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    Hello, Just lowered the sedan

    Looks Nice! I need some coils bad!
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    **** kEyChAiN's Honda Accord **** (1st Page Updated 1-5-10)

    one of the most sexy accord i have ever seen! mad props!
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    New to the forum!

    My plans are a mild streetable turbo build to start, then a few cosmetics and some good suspension work. I have been looking round for some good looking accords and i found a white one on v6performance (Keychain's? anyone know of it?) that i really like, and the MB Battles on it look sick...
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    turbo ?'s and Chrome, NepTune, Hondata basemap

    Does anyone have a basemap for one of the above mentioned ROM editors, or even one i haven't mentioned? I am weighing my options between them and a basemap to start on on the dyno would be a huge help. I have socketed p28 and obd1 conversion harness ready for when i do my turbo install (will...
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    New to the forum!

    I joined this forum a couple years ago to check things out and never really got involved due to my accord being my daily. My toy was an e30 bmw + lots and lots of boost... and her demise was a ditch, fence, 3 corkscrews, and a tree... and a new daily has quickly turned an 98 4d 4cyl in a new...
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    my turbo kit. boosted guys lend me a hand!

    It doesn't matter how much boost you are going to run, you have roughly a 50% chance of ruining your engine with an ebay turbo. I have seen it happen more than once. The compressor wheel and housing are not built with the same tight tolerances as a brand name quality unit, and WHEN the...