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    Fix or Sell?

    Awesome! I like that response, I wanted to know if it was too much or if I'm being charged too much. Sucks because I used to like those guys. I have found some of the parts online for a lot cheaper, I am just worried about doing the work myself because I won't know what I am doing. Hopefully...
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    Fix or Sell?

    I believe only a few items are from the dealer, but they are the most expensive ones. They check local suppliers first then if they don't have it then they check the dealer. I will check out that website thank you! Also I am from Ottawa not the GTA, so I don't think I will drive four...
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    Fix or Sell?

    OKay so here is the full list of everything. The labour is $80 per hour, already included labour in the pricing. Timing Belt, Oil Pump(seals & OP switch) & Water Pump Kit - $1,052 (7.4 hrs, parts $467) Driver Side Washer Jet - $30 Drivers Door lock actuator - $130 (1hr) Passangers Door Lock...
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    Fix or Sell?

    Well I just went in to see my mechanic after noticing too many issues with my car lately. to cut a long story short, I have an estimate of $3,500 of repairs and I know it may not be a lot to you guys, but for me it is since I bought the car at $2,400. Some of the damages include; - Right...
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    6ga Decals For Sale. Order Here. *YES I STILL SELL THEM*

    Re: *Price drop*Decals For Sale. Order Here. hey I have not gotten any response on my e-mails to you?
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    FS: Sold please close!!!

    Re: OEM Accord floor mats w/ logo (black) PICS TOO!!! interested, is it going to be worth it for shipping to Canada?
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    Nano's 98 Coupe

    got any lowering springs you want to sell me? lol and thanks they are my pride and joy so far
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    FS: CG Squad Decal & Lanyard

    Re: CG Squad Lanyard & decal and LEDs Got any LED's for reverse lights?
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    Feedback for Good/Bad Transactions

    Member: Jephu Part: LED Lights + Decals Feedback: Well packaged and super fast shipping compared to most things shipped to me from the states! Would buy from him again and reccomend others to. Must of shipped them the minute I sent the payment! Bought/Sold: Bought
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    FS: Turboaccord98's Part out

    if i lived in driving distance :(
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    FS: 98-02 6thgen Accord parts

    meh I can prolly take the fronts could you get a price for shipping to K2S1C9. Ottawa ON Canada???
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    Spoiler problems

    Hey all, so i have a problem with spoiler is rattling, the holes are too big for screws to fit in. holes in trunk so cant just drive with out spoiler. any options?? any ways I can fix it ?? or maybe should I just do something else? here are some pics of whats going on.
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    Nano's 98 Coupe

    HEy all so I will be uploading more pictures as I go on. this is what it looks like recently. In need of a paint job or matte black wrap, what do you guys think?
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    FS: 98-02 6thgen Accord parts

    Can I just get the one right side door panel? Front?
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    FS: CG Squad Decal & Lanyard

    Re: CG Squad Lanyard & decal and LEDs Do any of those LEDs work as a replacement for reverse light ??
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    FS: Chorilored's F$-A/C,Airbags,Belts,CF M3 lip,Yellow highs spray,St.wheel[WTB]ARP studs

    Re: Chorilored's F$\WTB*UP 6/25-Turbo Parts L@@k-GPS,Radar,A/C,Airbags,Belts+Random s gauges???
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    White6GAV6's Coupe (Updated: 04/30/2015) (56k nono)

    Re: White6GAV6's 2000 Accord Coupe EX V6(56k) Pictures Added! Love the accord on the grill! nice touch
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    FS: delete

    Re: 98-02 Accord own suspension w. Tein S-Techs I wish I was local I would pick those up right away!!! GLWS!!
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    FS: CG Squad Decal & Lanyard

    Re: CG Squad decal and LEDs Pm'd also do you have any smaller LED bulbs? like for the clock and so on
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    FS: Sedan VIS CF hood with bra

    Re: 5zigen 17x9 +20, VIS CF hood with bra if I wasn't in eastern canada I would say ship me that hood right now
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    FS: Chorilored's F$-A/C,Airbags,Belts,CF M3 lip,Yellow highs spray,St.wheel[WTB]ARP studs

    Re: Chorilored's F$\WTB*UP 6/20-Turbo Parts!L@@k-GPS,FMU,Radar,A/C,Airbags,Belts+Rand pmd
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    FS: CF Hood (price drop),OEM Seats, Subs/Amp, Sedan Grill Insert, Headlight Prts, Gaskets

    Re: CF Hood, Subs/Amp, Sedan Grill Insert, OEM Seats, Headlight Parts, Spoiler, Gaske pmd for hood
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    FS: The Leftovers!

    Re: 1999 V6 Coupe partout, All OEM, 5 lug swap, Wood trim, and more pm'd