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    Automatic shifter knob

    hmm guys those knobs are awesome.. I like them. thanks for sharing them.. but i think they are little expensive. Anyhow but I like the designs of them and I think they looks brilliant in them. Good sharing. I like it.
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    Detailing Master Thread

    Well I have a great tip for leather interior, guys my grandpa told me this. Never park your car at that place where the direct sun light hit that because sunlight destroy the leather and when you are our of car then open the window glass a little to get some air in that..and when you buy some...
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    Raymond Neice Photography

    Now this is impressive... I am completely shocked to see that we have brilliant talent like you..It just rolled my head, when I open this thread. Raymond you just rocked. Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing these priceless shots.
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    ***Official Joke Thread***

    Teacher : If you have 10 chocolate cakes and someone asks for 2, How many do u have left? Little Johnny: 10 Teacher: Ok, Well what if somebody forcibly takes 2 of the cakes, how many would u have left then ? Little Johnny : 10 and a dead body.
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    Hey one more newbie here.!!!

    Hello Guys David here. I am newbie to this site and this is my first post. I found this site on google search because I was searching for the Honda cars, today's I am interested in Honda Accord 6th generation and wanna get some basic knowledge about them. I hope I am on right platform and I...