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  1. Bee Dizzle

    Bee Dizzle WEKEAST 2013 video coverage

    Hows it going guys, just wanted to share with y'all my event coverage of WEKEAST held @ Edison NJ. If you guys can like, share and subscribe that would be awesome! Enjoi, Bee O9CPH3I70xo
  2. Bee Dizzle

    My (Bee Dizzle) Video Coverage of Staggered 2013!

    Yes guys I'm still alive lol! My video coverage of the annual staggered car show in my area, Enjoy! URoLmU93zJM
  3. Bee Dizzle

    UCONN Car Show 2013 Video Coverage

    My coverage of UCONN car show 2013, despite the breezy weather it was still an awesome time. Did not expect to take 2nd place for best import RWD! 37vAPoLskFs Enjoy guys! (watch in HD)
  4. Bee Dizzle

    *As of October 13'* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k)

    Re: *Video added* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k) WOOOOOooooooooo that new video is DOPE JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accord looks dope man (makes me want to dump and fit mine all over again lol) !!!!!!! HOPE too see you at UCONN car show next week, my S2k has gone through some changes...
  5. Bee Dizzle

    ***Video Just released of my car by Vuzoku

    OOOOO WEEEEEEE, Dope video man!!!!!
  6. Bee Dizzle

    FS: SOLD: NRG Suede Steering Wheel

    Re: BlackestCoupe AIT CF Rear Visor & Sunroof Visor (Full Partout coming soon) Another stanced veteren stepping down.... Good luck my friend with the TL-S I know its going to be awesome!!!!
  7. Bee Dizzle

    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    Are s2k's allowed lol? I"m a local worcester native weather permitting im def stop by to say whats up!
  8. Bee Dizzle

    Wheel Color Change

    Goin the same color route i went with my s2k i see lol
  9. Bee Dizzle

    Indowanksta88 2008 Infiniti G37S [OG 6GA Member in da haus]

    Nice pick up dude! I upgrade to a black two door myself as well lol!
  10. Bee Dizzle

    Nov/Dec 2012 Rotm Nominations (extended)

    Re: Nov/Dec 2012 Rotm Nominations How about changing it to "Most Inspirational Rides" Since there was allot of different styles that forged the movement to how it is today. I know we did multiple winners some times in the past. Just a suggestion (but def Sakuradrops, Moleman, Mikeymike...
  11. Bee Dizzle

    Finally bought a new car

    NIce pick up MANG!!!!!!!
  12. Bee Dizzle

    Bee Dizzle s2000

    Hard top will def be considered, But right now, im trying to replicate the amuse street R1 saving for the bumper right now hehehe.
  13. Bee Dizzle

    Bee Dizzle s2000

    Yes Factory, and the purple hue is prob a mix form my friends editing and the amber light in the headlights is my best guess.
  14. Bee Dizzle

    Bee Dizzle s2000

    current mods : Espelir Drop springs, Invdia q300 exhaust, and Rays Gramlights 57D
  15. Bee Dizzle

    Bee Dizzle s2000

    Enjoi some pics of my s2000!
  16. Bee Dizzle

    Tri-state meet piks!!!!

    Man, pics like these makes me want to throw my SSR's back on my accord. Great pics guys!
  17. Bee Dizzle

    Dont give a Ruck (Ruckus meet video)

    yeah my buddy has the swap on his (orange one in the video) so fast lol!
  18. Bee Dizzle

    Dont give a Ruck (Ruckus meet video)

    Met up with a few local Ruckus owners this Labor day weekend. My little video I though together. Dont forget to watch in HD! Sw9db1ozahs Enjoi!!!!!
  19. Bee Dizzle

    Sleeper Cell's Coupe *56K death trap*

    hell yeah man the new set up is so dope!!!!. Makes me want to throw my viennas back on my accord again lol.
  20. Bee Dizzle

    *New Pics up Page 27* New wheel set-up ideas

    Re: *Pics up Page 25* New wheel set-up ideas looks dope man!!!!
  21. Bee Dizzle

    Been a while! New cruise video I made

    So decided to come too worcester for school?
  22. Bee Dizzle

    Been a while! New cruise video I made

    Accord is still around guys, just daily mode now, no longer stanced.
  23. Bee Dizzle

    2006 GTI (12 pictures)

    photoshoot is on point!!!!!
  24. Bee Dizzle

    A few right after honda day

    new rims look great man!!!
  25. Bee Dizzle

    Been a while! New cruise video I made

    Yo7EwdwVaeg Been a while since I posted here. Thought I"d share with yall a little video I thru together of me and my friends cruising around. Black s2000 is my new car! A proper photoshoot will be soon of my s2000. Hopes you guys enjoy! Remember to watch in HD!