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    F&F Help

    i just installed mine yesterday didnt take much time....i was frickin dumped my tires were rubbing the fender so now i gotta raise it..... is raising basically the opposite?
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    "Function & Form" Coilovers - 6GA SPECIAL

    Re: "Function & Form" COILOVERS - FEBRUARY 2011 SPECIAL Very interested... how long will this deal go on? Debating on f2 or d2...:hihi:
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    Engine stalling randomly

    could be a bad/loose ground with your fuel pump...and thats what causes your intermittent stalling problem, just trying to help
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    Certain accords had a recall on the ignition switch failing. CAr would turn on but then die randomly...if it was spark plugs it wouldnt turn back on. Fuel pump could be bad too
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    Supras invade Las Vegas, 08

    Yea i heard something about that they were not sure if they were gonna make it because of the economy. I went anyways haha but yea there were less supras there than last years.
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    Help. radiator trouble

    I would just get the correct radiator for your car.
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    _______D-1 Grand Prix & Extreme AutoFest ***Coverage***_______

    Wow... u take nice pics haha i was out there too. Me and my homies did a roadtrip. from your pics i can see you were on the opposite side of me. BUt i got to see Ursula Mayes up close:naughty:
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    Pics of Formula Drift at Infineon and Long Beach CA 4/18/09

    Wicked! Formula drift is coming to Vegas in July i think, I'll go check out the cars and girls.
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    reintroduction lol *moved to socal*

    Thats one less accord in vegas. When i go to the meets here in town im usually the only one out of 20 or so cars. The 6thgens in Vegas are fairly low when it comes to mods. oH well Have fun in Cali!
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    loud noise....please help

    scratch off exhaust...hmm.
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    Honda caps STOLEN!

    dude are u serious? i just gave mine away like last week... they shouldve stolen them sooner haha JP. Yeah u shouldnt waste money on more caps just get rims.
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    loud noise....please help

    exhaust x3 it cant be that hard to spot just raise the car up and look for it.
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    What is the correct procedure to change the power steering fluid?

    Yes sir thats what i do. suck it all out using the turkey baster and then fill it back up with new fluid.
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    Funny smell... How do I get rid of it?

    Peter has a good point once you cleaned all that crap out just remember to dry out your Evap by turning on the fan that will help prevent it from growing back.
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    What is the correct procedure to change the power steering fluid?

    Its ok bro thats what 6thgen is all about. IMO power steering should be changed every 50,000 for normal fluid or 100,000 miles for "high life". But you can never go wrong with what the manufacturer suggests. If your fluid is darker than normal then its time to change it. The reservoir holds 0.4...
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    Funny smell... How do I get rid of it?

    No you have to recover your refrigerant in order to do bad i just remembered. 1. recover refrigerant 2. Disconnect the lines from the Evap 3. Take apart the passengers lower dashboard and then you'll see the Evap ull it out and take it apart 4. Reassemble and charge the system again...
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    Funny smell... How do I get rid of it?

    ^^+1 Have you checked your evap??? The evap gets clogged up with mildew type fungus which can cause a funny smell. This usually happens in places with high humidity. Most of the moisture runs down towards the bottom of the Evap and once you shut your car down it'll get warm making it an ideal...
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    Weird overheatin problem.. needs help!!

    im with darkside maybe your fan doesnt kick in. When you're on the freeway theres no need for it to turn on due to the air thats rushing in. When youre at idle it overheats because your fan doesn't turn on. Thats my opinion.
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    won't start

    Are all of your fuses good? hows the battery? check the easy stuff first before diving in for the fuel pump.
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    oh snap i didnt know you lived in vegas! im in Spring valley. my accord is two tone haha one of...

    oh snap i didnt know you lived in vegas! im in Spring valley. my accord is two tone haha one of a kind
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    where do you live?

    where do you live?
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    An idea for 6GA

    Thats one other guy that can be on the lookout. That one other informs someone else and then they inform someone else and it just starts multiplying. The more you have looking the bigger the chance you'll find it.
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    An idea for 6GA

    Thats true a lot of times they are never found. Im pretty sure there are other people thinking about this. Im not saying start a new section! Im just giving feedback thats what this thread is for, am I right?
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    An idea for 6GA

    Lets say a car got stolen in Cali and they drove it to Texas? The other states that they drove through like Nevada might have spotted it you never know. When it comes down to something very valuable to you, you do everything possible to get it back. My homie's car got jacked in Cali and the...
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    An idea for 6GA

    Hey guys the site is awesome, congrats. thanks to you guys we fellow accord owners have gotten a lot of feedback from other members on the site. Everyone on this forum is basically family:beer:. But i have an opinion you can shut it down if you'd like but its a pretty good idea. I was looking...

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