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    DIY: Valve Adjustments [VIDEO]

    just an everday feeler gauge should work fine. As far as i know the angled ones are just for ease of use.
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    New member, long time accord lover

    Nice to see a fellow accord lover from Minnesota
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    Dash lights not working :(

    if you pull the gauge cluster its very simple. You can get leds or go to the parts store and get 194 bulbs i forgot the other sizes so you will have to look. The bulbs in the cluster are pc bulbs [twist in] but you can pull the bulb out of the socket and replace. It may save you a few dollars if...
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    Gear oil leak after axle replaced

    the axle seal can get damaged pretty easily from removal and installation. Unfortunetly its very common.
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    Rim Size

    I would like to go this route becuase i have always liked the look of the rims, i always planed on putting them on my cb7 when i had it. They are the 5 spoke ones i believe off of a the 92-93 ex's. I do plan on lowering in the near furture, i need struts so im planing on replacing with function...
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    Rim Size

    What makes it impossible? I really no nothing about rims.
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    Rim Size

    Im looking into swapping out my rims with ones from a 92-93 the only difference in size width i think. Stock CG5 are 15x6, the rims i would like to use are 15x5.5. I think it should work but i wanted to know what you guys thought. Rob
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    Seized Emergency Brake

    Mine gets stuck all the time. on the back 2 calipers, if you look underneath from behind, you will see a lever with a spring that is connected to a cable. I have learned to keep a rachet with an extending handle in the car to pry the lever back..i also spray penetating oil on it and has started...
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    Timing Belt Prices

    I asked a couple of my mechanic buddies and they said around 200
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    Timing Belt Prices

    Go with honda or continetal timing belt water pump kit. The shop i work for charges right around 700 with parts and labor. but that includes mark up on kit misc gaskets and seals, the coolant flush you might as well do with it. I believe that most kits if you can get a discount anywhere will run...
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    Busted seal

    I would assume he is talking about the crank seal
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    HVAC controls

    At some point if i keep the car id like to try this, but its seems like it a little more than i want to take on at the moment. Thanks for everyones replys:)
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    Xxtankinover's 5spd blue 6thgen Ex accord

    Car looks great! welcometo the site. how do you like the ff1's? I want to replace my struts with them come spring time.
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    did this shop give me a good quote for catback?

    sounds like decent pricing however thats a large gap in have them take a look at the car and give you an actual estimate
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    HVAC controls

    i guess what i really would like to know is if the wiring is still the same...plug and play...or will modification be needed?
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    I may be out of my league talking about batteries but ive always been a fan of interstate, also at my job a sell alot of them, i have a few customers that have upgraded to an optima brand (interstate) and love them and they seem to last forever.
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    HVAC controls

    Hey everyone Im sure this has been brought up before but i can not find the exact answer im looking for. I have a 99 ex with the regular push button HVAC controls, i would like to switch to the digital control unit. Direct swap or is there anything i need to know? I read on one post that the...
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    Manual Transmission service

    Well it looks like ill be using the honda fluid thanks guys
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    Manual Transmission service

    Hey everyone I have a 99 Accord ex 5 spd. I want to change out the transmission fluid but im not sue what my best fluid option is. Ive looked on mitchell and a couple other sources that say 10w30....and particular kind im assuming the different additive in oil come into play. I talked to a...
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    Hidden things

    Learned somthing dumb at work. if you need to lock the keys in an older accord (the years the require you to lock the drivers door with the key) you can pull the outter door handle and push down the lock and it will stayed locked.
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    car steering left when slowing down + MTF + fwy/hwy noise

    Sorry reman....stupid t9 lol
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    car steering left when slowing down + MTF + fwy/hwy noise

    Remain should be fine that's what I got
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    1999 Accord ex sedan, leaking!!

    Degrease and recheck after driving, imo easiest way to find a leak. Good luck
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    car steering left when slowing down + MTF + fwy/hwy noise

    Sounds like a caliper issue as far as slowing down, i would get a violent vibration from it too before it got bad. I also had issue where the driver axle seized in the carrier bearing and caused a shake, possibly worth checking out

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