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    headlights and springs

    looking for black housed headlights and springs w/ about a 2 inch drop. something like the eibach sportlines shipped to WI 53132
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    the reason i got my accord

    yeah ik. i was just wondering if anyone else read it
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    the reason i got my accord

    i saw this article in an import tuner magazine and i loved the accord in it. was wondering if anyone else read it
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    anyone ever heard of simota intakes?
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    blown out struts

    i was thinking tokico hp struts w/ idk what kind of springs yet
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    blown out struts

    yeah i really want to lower my car. im kinda using this as an excuse to get coilovers the guy at f&f tire told me to get monroe sensa-trac struts
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    blown out struts

    the insides are bald and the outside are choppy but the ride seems fine to me
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    blown out struts

    so i go to get my oil changed today and the guy comes back after and tells me that all 4 of my struts are blown and im riding solely on springs. he says the inside of my tires are bald and the outsides are all chopped up. i have nothing to compare the ride to because this is my first car and...
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    Center of Bumper painted black?

    nice man, gotta have a midwest meet
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    Center of Bumper painted black?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I just bought my first car (without help w/ the parents!) and it is a 2001 honda accord i4 sedan. it's mint besides a few hail dents and a small grocery cart dent in my front driver fender. Also, there is a little cracking in the bottom grill area. I got my hands on...
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    Interior Overhaul.....

    freakin awesome!
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    FS: SOLD Blackhoused Headlights

    Re: Blackhoused Headlights PM'ed

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