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  1. chapin

    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    My new accord has led taillights on it
  2. chapin

    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    this is how we used to roll in the BAY
  3. chapin

    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    i trade it in for my 06 accord, i pretty much took everything that i could out like the sound system, headlights ( which i am already working on my new retro for the 06 accord with same setup s2000 with 85122 + but this time no yellow in the high beams.) taillights, i left everything else on...
  4. chapin

    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    my transmission started finally acting up i drained the transmission fluid every 20,000 miles so it was cool but suddenly started to not go forward when it was cold in the mornings and the check engine light kept coming on with the 740 code which means transmission internal malfunction, to fix...
  5. chapin

    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    Here I am saying good bye to my 6thgenaccord it was sad to let it go after all these years of cruising with it but i think it was time to let it go. i was the first owner of the car, i got it with only 6 miles on it in 2002 today it has 245,000miles. here are the list of my diy mods that i got...
  6. chapin

    Eibach Pro Damper System

    finally!! i been looking for a review on this, i got the pro kit i research everywhere and no luck so how many miles you got on your eibach pro dampers now if you don't mind asking? i find your review very helpfull since i also like eibach.
  7. chapin

    Instrument Cluster

    did you buy the kit for the cluster with these leds?
  8. chapin

    Between 100k and 200k Club!

    well here i go!! 218K and still going
  9. chapin

    NEED HELP plz front end

    here is my front end before i replace the hood. Now i got a coupe hood on it. Everything lines up great way better. i also replace the upper bar so i was able to put all the clips in place but u dont really have to do that.
  10. chapin


    i already thought about it, the problem with that is the size of the s2000 taillight is way bigger and withe the blinker underneath you will have to spend sometime trying to fill up the gap and cut the blinker out. my next project is to do the actual stock tails but with a lot of rows of leds...
  11. chapin


    the circle that is the running light is the blinker also.
  12. chapin


    here is my new tail lights i got a set of s2000 led tail lights and modified them to fit on my car check it out.
  13. chapin

    how to open aftermarket taillights!!!!!

    has anyone open their aftermarket taillights? please help for a lil project that i am working on i will post pictures later. Thank You
  14. chapin

    this is why I did my 5 lug conversoin.*updated* new pics!!!

    my question to you is do you really have to do the 5 lug conversion or can you just do the 4 lug with the 93 prelude si rotor with the v6 caliper brackets?
  15. chapin

    front camber kit install ? help

    i was wondering if anyone has a good diy front camber kit install. I did a search but nothing show up for the front camber kit. Anyone ?
  16. chapin

    rear camber kit DIY

    great write up very helpful, Have you done the front camber kit?
  17. chapin

    catalityc converter in california?

    yeah my cat when out smells bad and i am wondering if anyone has bought any aftermarket that can work well and pass smog. california is very bad in these case but i seen so many brands on the market but the all said not legal in california. very confused.
  18. chapin

    catalityc converter in california?

    does anyone in california has change their cat, i would like to know what brands other then factory since factory runs over 1000. something that bolts on but also is going to pass the smog check. My cat when out and My car is going to need a smog check these year. please anyone?
  19. chapin

    led instrument cluster?

    any pictures yet? how about hot spots since these are wide angle view leds
  20. chapin

    can someone explain this please

    so are you going to try these?
  21. chapin


    i guess i am not the only one with these matter:thinking:
  22. chapin


    I was wondering if there is a fuse or something that make the gas light come on. WHY? I know i shouldnt drive the car with the gas that low, but i needed to cross the bridge running late i figure i got about .5 of a gallons of gas before i ran out but the light never came on and i run out of...
  23. chapin

    my 4 banger

    " 0 " dollars. i got the bumper as a trade for some hid parts. i did everything else.
  24. chapin

    my 4 banger

    the stripes are in the hood. the plastic grill i cut so i can fit the FREE toyota fog lights. i think is just the angle of the pic cause it doesnt cover half of the light
  25. chapin

    my 4 banger

    thanks for all the comments. I am from the S.F. Bay Area.

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