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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    How would 17x9.5 fit all around. It should be good with a fender roll right? Tire specs recommendations are greatly appreciated aswell.
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    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Just out of curiosity those with the S200/rsx steering wheel. Do you guys find it that it gives you more room/ comfortable? My steering wheel is pretty beat , and im thinking of swapping it out cause the steering wheel hits my knees when im getting in. (Im pretty tall)
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    Rickdang's 01 sedan updated (4/5/2013)

    It really scrapes? You have the sport lines , so im guessing its a 2inch drop all around?
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    Rickdang's 01 sedan updated (4/5/2013)

    Got the same car exact car and basically doing the same exact thing you did to it aswell. Just waiting to put the lip, fogs, and headlights on sometime soon, when my hids arrive. And the coilovers maybe next week. Matter a fact I was checking those wheels too haha. Keep it bro, looking good.
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    *As of October 13'* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k)

    Re: *Video added* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k) All i can say is damn. :eek: Too sick. Keep it up bro. That video was dope aswell.
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    "Function & Form" Coilovers - 6GA SPECIAL

    Re: "Function & Form" Coilover 6GA SPECIALS Same here. Except type 1s.

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