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    AKoutmos' 2000 Accord Sedan DX *56*

    Wow makes me want to boost my f23a5!
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    Thank you
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    Fog lights installed! Pics are up.
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    Eibach 1.5 drop?

    Yes, I have the sportlines, its not that low at all. Sportlines > Pro-kit. In the end its your decision and everyone on here will tell you to get coilovers haha.
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    Eibach 1.5 drop?

    You can get the same kits on ebay at almost half that cost, I did.
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    * Honda Accords *

    miFL - Made in Florida
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    ***VTEC Kicked in***thread

    lawnmower looks good with superleggera's
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    FS: USED eibach sportline

    where were you 2 months ago! glws.
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    I got the whole car painted, but once you paint the mirrors and side skirts it will make a huge difference in appearance.
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    Thatklazzickid's 2002 Honda Accord VP *56k*

    Yay another VP, I'm not alone, and Russian it stands for Value Package. Looks like mine when I started, very clean car brother.
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    Double din receiever recommendations?

    kenwood ddx418 is very affordable and very nice
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Bought and installed new windshield washer squirters and hose. What a difference!
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    Help Should I Black Out My Roof???

    I was considering this myself when I got my car painted, DONT DO IT.
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    Yea I got the car about 4 months ago and it has been really fun so far, It wasnt much to look at being a vp and all. But little by little it will be done. Im trying to get the fogs and the lip installed before this weekend. Got to be ready for AFM.
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    I was thinking of putting a h22 but haven't really thought about it yet, not sure if I should put money into this motor
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    Erich's 2002 Accord Sedan VP(56k)

    Engine / Performance - F23A5 w/ AT - 84K miles - Stock Wheels / Suspension - 18x7 +42 OZ Superleggera's - 225/40/18 Milestar's - Eibach Sportlines springs - Eibach Pro-Dampers Interior / ICE - Quartz cloth - Kenwood DDX-418 - LED Dome light(thanks Jephu) - Viper...
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    Double DIN tv

    Have you thought about Kenwood? I have the Kenwood DDX418 and has an option for navi but plays dvd/cd, usb port, mini, and has bluetooth. You really dont need an sd slot because you could just get a usb to sd card reader(kodak r130)
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    Lowering Car Right Now

    looks very nice!
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    Who deleted my "For sale thread?"

    Maybe some kind of system restore, not really sure but my Introduce Yourself is too!
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    moda MD12 vs Motegi SP10

    Both are better than hubcaps for sure haha
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    What do you guys think of OZ superleggera's? 18x8 215/35/18, I have a Ssm sedan on sportlines, should I have any problems? Not sure what the offset is, not sure if it matters.
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    *As of October 13'* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k)

    Re: *Drop Update 9/11/11* J30MAN's 2000 Accord Sedan EX V6 (no 56k) Wow, your car looks amazing!

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