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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    what did i do to my accord today? well........................................sorry to say but i sold her :'( got an offer i really couldn't say no to, sucks that i work at a Honda dealership and i see similar cars all day as a replacement (and early birthday present to myself), i picked...
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    Socal Sightings!

    YOO!!! I'm off of azusa, right behind that Clippinger dealer****! HMM sedan on RPFs, honk if you see me!! :haysm9:
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    i FINALLY installed my double din!! Pioneer AVH-P4400!! Thing is freaking amazing...i got a relay to bypass the Parking Brake wire so i can watch DVDs while im driving (so fckin illegal)
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    OFFICIAL 6GA tech/mechanic network

    Hey guys, I'm currently a tech at Honda of Pasadena and I'm available to do jobs on the side, prob more during the night (after 5pm). Can't do anything TOO major cuz I'm not allowed to have cars over night. PM me if you have something that needs to be done to ur 6th Gen (or other Hondas) and we...
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    Socal Sightings!

    man...i drive from west covina to pasadena everyday and no one sees me? :bash:
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    DIY Water Pump

    just a heads up, if you have time while ur back there, change out the camshaft and crankshaft seals too in case you haven't changed them!!
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    Oem CD player double or single din (NOT 6-disc)

    i have one, swapping it out for an aftermarket unit this coming week. PM if interested :D I also have the tape deck attached to it! idk if it works...don't have a cassette laying around
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    Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement

    YEEPPP!!! the interface module between the car and laptop is already 1500-2G's :jerkit: dammit honda!
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    Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement

    I work at a dealer and there is a computer with Honda Diag software that we use to retrieve codes (DTCs) from check engine lights, ABS lights, SRS lights etc. Each component has a different DTC and from there, you can go on Honda's website (not the customer but one for techs) and...
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    sayjaibao54's 1999 Accord EX (update 4/20/2013)

    Re: sayjaibao54's 1999 Accord EX (update 5/7/2012) Hey fellow 6th-Gen-ers! I've been missing for quite a while from this forum due to lack of time and lack of money >.< but the good news is TAX SEASON IS HERE!! and i got a refund this year so, of course, the money is going to straight to my...
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    2013 Honda Accord

    honestly, i love the new accords especially the sedans. Personally i would get the Accord Sport sedan 6MT in black (only colors for MT are black, grey and silver :furious:) Honda did a pretty good job on this one esp with the new CVT and direct injection, very responsive, very linear power
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    **732xghost's 2002 NGM CG6 (UPDATED 08/27/2014)***

    Re: **732xghost's 2002 NGM CG6 "Moet & Chandon Imperial"*** nice swap on the BB6 shifter...was it straight forward or did you have to modify anything?
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    FS: FREE!!! FILTERS, 7th gen pedal, HID Balast just pay shipping

    Re: who wants these still got the reservoir covers?
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    FS: FS_2003 Acura CL type-s MANUAL 6spd REDUCED $6200

    bump for a clean CL-S...if i had the cash and you weren't so far away, i'd be all over this
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    RPF1 center cap size?

    I've hunted/prowled the internet for about an hour now and i can't seem to find the center cap size for a 17"...anyone know which Honda cap would fit?
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    FS: 5 lug w/ wheels and suspension.. LOOOOOOK

    damn...bump, if you were closer (socal) i would consider :( GLWS
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    i emptied out my cat [rattling like rocks in a's totally empty now] and swapped out my P/S high pressure o-ring [to solve a whine issue]
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    Sourcing 5-lug swap

    i hit my guy up, he's in the process of hunting down a set for you. i'll let you know as soon as anything comes up.
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    What shift knob do you have in your accord?

    currently im rockin a Snap-On screwdriver handle as a shifter for sh*ts and giggles...
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    Sourcing 5-lug swap

    i did the complete knuckles, front and rear. easier to replace the entire knuckle than to replace just the hub/bearing assembly. i got both pairs from the yard, about $300...then new pads were another $100ish...i painted, cut, and resurfaced the rotors that came with the 5lug knuckles. i...
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    August/September ROTM voting thread

    did my part and voted! good luck to the nominees :)
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    FS: AEM Short Ram 02-04 RSX Type-S

    doesn't hurt to try :sad:
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    FS: AEM Short Ram 02-04 RSX Type-S

    i have a AEM short ram intake for sale. fits a 02-04 RSX Type-S, will not fit RSX base models. it's got the polished finish on it, never installed on car, everything's still in the box. only opened box to check contents. asking 150, spent about 200 on it. PM me....WILL NOT SHIP
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    FS: 98-02 6thgen Accord parts

    would u happen to have the cupholder? and what would shipping cost be to 91791...socal
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    lowering car, do i need camber kit?

    i have a set of type 1's on my probs. i just straightened the toe setting out and the tires seem to be wearing fine. it's pretty low too...i think i have a few pics of my CG6 on the 1's...check it out

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