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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Why would it need to be wider and a lower offset? Just curious. Thanks man. And thanks for everyone else's help also.
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Thanks, if I wanted to be flush what size spacers would I need and would I have to do fender work?
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Ok so I'm on function & form type 1's and want to run some 17x7.5 wheels with a +45 offset. My question is what size tire would I need if I'm slammed and are they going to tuck? Thanks
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    (pics added) Whelp , i purchased my j35 today

    Re: Whelp , i perchased my j35 today Good luck bro, can't wait to see how it turns out.
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    Military members?

    Sorry to hear that bro. Thank you, apologies.
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    Need help? how much will this be to fix?

    You can source the parts from a junkyard probably. Unless you just wanna buy it all new.. The damage isn't terrible. Is it just front end damage or what?
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    Need help can i fix this? how much? should i buy it?

    May i ask what they are trying to get you to pay for the car?
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    *As of October 13'* Johnny's 2000 Sedan EX V6 (no 56k)

    Re: *Drop Update 9/11/11* J30MAN's 2000 Accord Sedan EX V6 (no 56k) Looks great man.
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    Should I be worried?

    Agreed. I mean they are type two's i'm just about positive. But you should still see what's going on.
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    Military members?

    I searched and didn't find anything on this. If i'm wrong please direct me in the right direction. Just wondering if there are any military members on here? I leave for basic training September 27th for the Air force and was just curious if anyone else here is currently serving or has served.
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    1998 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan

    Will agree that the stripes gotta go, blackhouse those headlights, and slam it son. Good job so far.
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    Wanting a New Paint Job But Cant Decide

    Lwlba's EBP Accord. Also black is always good. :thumbsup:
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    Daytime photoshoot

    Car looks great man. :boink:
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    anything other than H series?

    I see where this thread is going.. haha. I agree. K swap it. Really the only alternative if you have a 4 banger.
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    DIY: Engine Paint

    Looks real good man, good job.
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    DIY: Engine Paint

    How did it turn out with the clear?
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    UNFADEABLE...New kid on the Block.

    Car is amazing bro. Good job.
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    Taffeta love photoshoot

    Looks good!
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    FS: BRAND NEW function form type 1 coilovers.

    Not shipping right now. But i'll be in San Antonio in September for my basic training. haha
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    FS: BRAND NEW function form type 1 coilovers.

    Dude, you have the car i want lol. I can't find any close to where i live.. Well the type s anyway.
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    FS: BRAND NEW function form type 1 coilovers.

    Thanks guys. And Euro-r you have a PM..

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