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  1. j_man_honda

    the best accord engine setup

    Yeh im in a town where theres like 5 cops.... total. And i know them all:coffee:
  2. j_man_honda

    Now THIS is hot

    Nice, never seen or heard of that before
  3. j_man_honda

    biggest ricer ever lolol

    Best part is when he says, "thats a scary looking bunch of wires but dont worry, theyre not gonna catch on fire". :fail::fail::fail: And when he show the cords taped to his headliner he says, "we'll just pretend that isnt there". ARE YOU SERIOUS????????:fail:
  4. j_man_honda

    This will be a funny A$$ thread

    If i was really drunk, and in the state of mind where i wouldnt remember most of it, id go for $395 million.... Screw it, id go for it completely sober. Thats a lot of damn money people:thinking:
  5. j_man_honda

    BKLYN ACCORDS coupe 56k updated 3/22/09

    Re: BKLYN ACCORDS 2000 EX coupe 56k updated 3-27-08 Clean car... You would look like the police when you pull up behind someone with those leds on.
  6. j_man_honda

    we come off as racers even from the start

    I beat an 03-06 chevy 1500 4 door the other night in my 240sx. He pulled up beside me and raced his truck up. He looked like a spoiled little bitch in his daddys truck so I raced him. Had him by a car at 55mph and had to slow down because of car in front of me.
  7. j_man_honda

    Best GIF

    Funniest thing ive seen all week:ownedrun:
  8. j_man_honda

    Turbo 350Z Blows up on dyno

    Im interested to see what the 370z looks like. Its gonna have the 3.7 liter motor found in the infiniti G37.
  9. j_man_honda

    1 of the cleanest 6th gen I ever seen

    Did you notice his last login was over a year Yeh rims ruin the look.
  10. j_man_honda

    New Nissan R35 GTR runs 11.67

    Im so jealous. Being around the 240sx community has me really wanting a Skyline or GT-R. Damn those 2 cars make me :ownedrun:
  11. j_man_honda

    Deal or No Deal

  12. j_man_honda

    and so, leeann says she likes big heads...

    LeeAnn is gonna :nutkick: you guys
  13. j_man_honda

    More mods on teh Moostang: Cobra bumper, foglights, etc!

    That sucks about not being able to lower it. Yeh I had spring break last week and all I did was put wheels/tires on my 240sx. I had to work the rest of the time:darryl:
  14. j_man_honda

    Woman sues Americam Airlines for turning X-rated

    That guy is stupid as hell. He shouldve went to the bathroom atleast. He could say, "I was having a wet dream and when I woke up I had ejaculated on her. I had no idea." :ownedrun:
  15. j_man_honda

    More mods on teh Moostang: Cobra bumper, foglights, etc!

    Nice. I wish I had all day to work on my car and go take pictures:squintfinger:..JK.. Now you need to lower the Mustang about an inch in the rear and an inch and a half in the front. It would be sexy with a low stance.
  16. j_man_honda

    g'bye sedan.. hello coupe (56k, sorry)

    You traded even? Whens all this stuff going on the coupe?
  17. j_man_honda

    and so, leeann sez women are horny as hell...

    Girls can just conserve their hornyism better than guys. We just come out and say it if we want some
  18. j_man_honda

    Joining the club... (56k Killer)

    Looks like that bad boy needs a wash and wax:whip_001:... Looks nice but i would never be brave enough to set those coilovers on full stiffness:jealousbow:
  19. j_man_honda

    and so, leeann sez women are horny as hell...

    Impressive... Enlighten us with your wisdom:omgbd:
  20. j_man_honda

    Pics taken at just the right angle

    I like the one with the guy holding the mirror. It had me trippin for a minute
  21. j_man_honda

    Few pics of my '96 240sx...

    Im near Greenville... Im ordering tires 2night. There goes $650:(... Then its time to save up a grand for coilovers. Im still looking for a 97-98(kouki) at a decent price. Id like to have a reliable DD that looks slick and a 400hp drift/drag beast. The kouki would be my DD if I could find one...
  22. j_man_honda

    Few pics of my '96 240sx...

    Nah we dont have emissions in SC... I plan on keeping it zenki for a while. Im on and they have some good deals. Zilvia is too spread out for me. And Wildman, im getting some Falken FK452's as I said to replace these BFgoodrichs. These were in my garage and I couldnt wait to get...
  23. j_man_honda

    Not sure how accurate, but pretty interesting

    I call BS on the penis size one. Unless a bunch of guys have really short thumbs. I thought it was like an average 5.5 or 6 inches?
  24. j_man_honda

    pics of you doing your favorite sport or hobby

    Damn, puttin those 4-wheelers through it huh? You can definately ride though

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