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    What makes bad headlights bad?

    I haven't used TYC Elegantes, I'm simply referring to the experiences of others on this forum. I've read a few instances where people changed their stocks out for them and still got good lighting. There's clearly no argument that HID with stock retrofits, or even plain ol' stocks are better...
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    What makes bad headlights bad?

    From personal experience, I think it's the quality of the projector itself. It seems like 99.9% of eBay projector headlights have: (A) The same design with slight variations in LED positioning/Halos/texture/color (B) An absurdly low starting price - consider that a pair of eBay projectors...
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    Custom Gauge Design and Creation

    i never noticed that... lol I was wondering why the OP never replied.
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    Custom Gauge Design and Creation

    Have you tried/thought of synthetic paper? You could visit Kinkos for that. They offer it as coverstock for presentations. See if they'll sell you like 20 sheets of it or something. That would probably be the best bet - that stuff is very high-quality - thick yet translucent and matte-finished...
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    Megan racing springs

    What's your price range? I was looking at Megan coilovers for a bit and almost bought them because they seemed to be a good value for the money. Then more than a few members of this board hipped me to AMR springs and now I'm saving for those since they're basically custom-built per...
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    UPDATED (2/10/10) Mid-atlantic spring meet 2010

    I'd love to come to this but I won't be in the country! I'm going going, back back, to AMSTERDAM.
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    6th-gen Accord Quad-projector retrofit (no 56k)

    x 1,000,000 That's pure sexiness right there. What's the pricetag on a retrofit like that? I really respect the craftsmanship that went into it.:drool:
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    Wheel Offset

    I've got a 4-banger coupe. +52 is about accurate, which is why my stock steelies are scratched to all hell.
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    Painting my Accord (Updated 1/31/09) Balloon white

    Re: Need opinions on white paint Personally, I think it's a great color. It's really hard to find a car that won't work in white. I'd be interested to know what color/finish wheels you want to use with that. Will you tint your windows or leave them clear? All those things come into play when...
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    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle -- New Enkeis for 2010

    Lol... Aight, now I have to clean "tobacco smoking accessory" water off my desk cuz I read that and laughed right into my piece.:dunce:
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    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle -- New Enkeis for 2010

    I thought that was light and shadow.... Now I feel like a dummy cuz I made a new thread about wheels I don't even like anymore! :ohsnap:
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    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle -- New Enkeis for 2010

    haha, god maybe I have bad taste. I just saw them and got a mild erection. Edit--- Sigh unless you have a 5-lug conversion, you're out of luck anyways.
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    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle -- New Enkeis for 2010

    Check these out. They're called Alettas, new from Enkei this upcoming year! I think they look great in gunmetal!
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    twokAccord's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k) (Updated)

    Nice ride man! Got a question for you: How do you like your Megan Coilovers and how long have you had them on your car? I've been considering either these or the F2's for my coupe and wanted some more opinions before I plunk down almost $1,000.
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    AllGOnoSHOW's SCCA 02 Accord Coupe V6 6M/T

    Re: AllGOnoSHOW's 02 accord coupe V6 Umm... Isn't it "Forced INDUCTION", not "introduction"? Nice car though dude. I'm mad cuz you've done most of the exterior mods I'm planning and my car will end up looking just like yours with few exceptions! I guess that's alright since you've got a...
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    6thGenAccord IS BACK!!!!!!

    SWEET!!! I've been missing this site...
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    SPOTTED: In Maryland lol

    Ha, definitely not me. It's good to know that a few members live in Silver Spring though! Do I smell a DC/Metro meet for the spring or summer???:naughty:
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    SPOTTED: In Maryland lol

    You may have spotted me. I'm from DC and make trips to friends and family that live in Silver Spring. Did ya see a bald 25 y/o black guy in any of those black coupes?
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    Front engine undercarriage splash shield

    I replaced mine last year cuz it was torn down the middle, dragging on the ground as I drove. Real easy task and worth it if you're paranoid about rocks, dirt and water.
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    I would scream with joy if I could keep my car that clean... Looks amazing dude! I wouldn't change a thing.
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    TUTORIAL: Changing Color #2

    A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT NEUTRAL COLOR CARS: Both techniques presented here work best on cars with primary, secondary, or tertiary colors. Neutrals usually don't have enough saturation to apply a hue shift to. Neutral colors are Black, Grey, Silver, and White, essentially all shades of grey...
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    TUTORIAL: Changing Color #2

    The original tutorial is missing a step! You need to isolate the car from the background when you do this sort of work. He was lucky because his background was white and thus hue changes have no effect. Open your document. Hit Ctrl+J, or go to Layer-> Duplicate Layer. On your new layer...
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    6GA Apparel design thread

    Vector images are WAY better for this project than anything you can pump out of Photoshop... trust me on this (10-year graphic designer). I think we need both cars on the same shirt, sedan and coupe. I agree that everything thus far has been way under-designed. I'll do something next week...
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    6GA Apparel design thread

    Yeah I thought about that after I posted...:eusa_doh:
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    Why does this forum hate TYC Projector Headlights?

    Lol about the girl with upside-down projectors! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, everyone. I get it now:thumbup:

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