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    Photobucket WTF

    I hate what they're doing with the photobucket.. Ruins my lurking!
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    Anyone ever vandalize your car?

    I haven't had anything serious happen around here, but a couple cases I can recall is people putting fake roses in my wiper blade I know that's not really anything but it's still odd in my opinion, and the other is kind of more severe we where driving down a side road and kids where throwing...
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    Lyttle's - 2000 Accord -

    Hey guys, i'm going to make a thread for my car! Right now it'll be like two pictures, but within the next couple months I will update this thread for sure with everything! So let's start off with the story of my car! I got this car about two years ago after years of I believe the same owners...
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    DIY 98-00 Cluster - white faces/red needles

    I love the look of the chrome and white on there, looks so good may do this to mine lol
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Didn't do it today, but over the past month and a bit this is what I have done! - New Cupholder lid, the piece broke and it wouldn't shut, found one at the junkyard cleaned it up and put it in. - Engine light has been on forever, couldn't fill car up half or else it would smell of gasoline...
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    Checking in from Ontario!

    Hey guys, my name is Spencer decided to join the site not sure how active it is but made an account just in case, will browse through new and old posts to learn as much as I can and contribute with pictures and such of my car! I currently own a Coupe 2000 Honda Accord V6 EX-L Edition, which...

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