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    FS: F23 / Hood / Other Goodies

    Still have the original 6th gen decal? Me wants lol
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    WTB: Full coilovers

    Would prefer FnF 1's or 2's but let me know what you have and the price. Must be willing to ship.
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    FS: Matts FS Thread: 4cyl Stock Intake, Amp, Floormats

    Re: Matts FS Thread: 4cyl Stock Intake, Headers, Amp Will you ship the header to Canada?
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    Exhaust Components (2.3l)

    Basically I'm looking for an after market header/downpipe. But may be looking for whole exhaust if the price is right. Would have to be shipped to Canada. Let me know what you got! Thanks.
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    cluster lights dont work

    how'd you bypass it? I bypassed my horn but I would like to have my dome light back too, lmao
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    FS: *SOLD* Magnaflow Muffler

    Re: Magnaflow Muffler Bump for a nice sounding muffler, had one on my CB!
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    98-02 honda accord sedan kframe confusion?

    I had to replace mine as well. I guess its pretty popular to have it rust out. Took me forever to find one, lol.
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    1996 Honda Accord 4cylinder engine swap.

    Check out these forums, im sure you'll find tons of helpful info!
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    14in Tire Sizes?

    Thanks for the info man. The tire shop wouldnt put the 205/75 on because my rears were only 185/65, so i ended up picking up 2 new 185/65's from walmart for 50$ a tire. The Accord is finally legal, lol!
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    Got my car inspected and on the road today! Had it for 14 months without being able to drive it, lol. Ive always wanted a 6th gen so I held out and fixed a lot of things on it. Last thing I bought for it were 2 new tires :D. Enjoying how it drives so far, its a little floatier then my old cb7...
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    14in Tire Sizes?

    Because I need to find some asap, the more sizes = more chance i'll find some, lol.
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    14in Tire Sizes?

    So after getting everything I needed for my CG to pass an inspection I drive down to a shop and both front tires break a belt, lol. They were brand new tires that were sitting outside for about a year so I guess they went bad, lol. Anyway, I have 14in rims and need to know what the biggest size...
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    DIY: Swapping Your Multiplexor

    ok, i'll try the driver side first, lol. Thanks for the info dude!
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    DIY: Swapping Your Multiplexor

    But if my horn stopped working then wouldnt it be the pass side... since the horn runs through the pass side multiplexor
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    DIY: Swapping Your Multiplexor

    I have checked all the fuses and everything is fine. I know without a doubt now its the multiplexor... im just unsure if its the driver side or pass side?
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    Thanks man, now to find out which side i need to replace
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    DIY: Swapping Your Multiplexor

    How do I know which side I have to replace? My horn goes through the one on the pass side and the horn stopped working (Along with dash light) so would I change out the pass one or driver one or both? lol Im also not sure why we would have to remove our seat/center console if its just in the...
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    Ive checked all my fuses like 3 times, lol
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    Anyone know if there is a DIY for removing the Multiplexor?
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    I think you may be right When i first got the car the guy took his stereo out, I think he may have touched some bare wires to metal..... and my horn wasnt working so im guessing multiplexor Thanks!
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    Odd dash light/brake light issue

    So my issue is my Brake light light comes on when i start the car (The light below the ones that tell you your doors are open) as if there is a brake light out. Checked all my lights and nothing is burnt out, all seem to work fine. Also have an issue where the dash lights (Speedo, tach, and...
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    Kid crashes M3 into rocks in AZ.....

    If you listen close the guy in the Z shift down then comes on to it and the back wheels slip out on him.
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    Horn issue

    So after bypassing the multiplex and wiring in a push button my horn now works again, lol. Will work until I can fix it properly! Thanks to all who posted.
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    Horn issue

    So I checked out fuse 47 under the hood and its fine, not blown. Im gonna go with the Multiplex Unit as my issue now since the horn and dash lights are both not working. For now im just going to wire my horn up to a push button so it will pass inspection, lol. Then i'll start the hunt for a 5...
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    Horn issue

    I'll swap the fuse tomorrow and see if that does anything, little late at the moment, lol. Thanks for the info!

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