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    Any NorCal members?

    Noracl. however my cars back to stock now. might be off topic, but anyone interested in a Comptech Rear Sway w/bushings off my accord? $50 obo in saramento.
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    What's it worth?....... Acura TL Comptech Rear Sway bar

    ahh ok.. whats it worth. yes i beleive its 22mm. thanks
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    What's it worth?....... Acura TL Comptech Rear Sway bar

    How much is this worth with endlinks and bushings. i think i paid $150 for it awhile back.
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    August/Sept Winner : xpieceofcralpx

    Nice ride man! I go to stockton a couple times a month and ive seen ur car driving around town. I used u have a 98 sedan with WW kit...... hit me up if you're interested in a Comptech Rear TL Sway Bar
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    Here's the new whip boys and girls!(UPDATES!!)

    U SHOULD GO LOWER. :thumbup:
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    What color to paint rims?

    i would do the mercury silver... ull never get tired of it.
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    Painting High Beam Reflectors Yellow

    like 2 months after . I bought a new set... and yes.... it did bother me. haha
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    trying to buy Wings-West wtype

    IM pretty sure this kit is discontinued. check the for sale area. I actually just posted 1 up 2 minutes ago... full kit that is.
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    Stock Rims

    lower profile tires also gives u a firmer side wall of the tires..... if its the same type/brand tires. So ur handling will significantly improve. But also, ur spedo will be off.
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    Rear Main Seal Leak.... anyone had this?

    how much oil are you losing? Ill do it instantly if its that price. haha..
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    Rear Main Seal Leak.... anyone had this?

    Yea, I have an automatic. I cant locate where the leak is coming from, but it looks like its from the transmission area. so thats what i am assumming, I will take a look again to see where the leak is coming from. Im pretty mechanically inclined, but opening up the tranny, is a B____...
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    Rear Main Seal Leak.... anyone had this?

    I have an oil leak, and i believe its coming from the rear main seal. :bash::bash::bash: And i know its a pretty tough DIY, due to getting in the tranny. has anyone had theirs fixed by the dealership or any other repair shop? and how much did it end up costing. thanks
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    how much shoulld i drop my car?

    go as low as possible... :naughtyrun:
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    Omg almost complete :)

    nice. have fun putting it together. :afro:
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    the s2k is now proper

    sick man. u should go lower. :leeann:
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    HECz Accord Coupe // New SHOOT! 4/28

    u got pics before the paint job.. man that color is sick
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    [RETIRED] Inspired1's 2000 EXE-Style Accord Sedan

    Re: Inspired1's 2000 ヴィップ Accord Sedan not feelin the curtains, but the rest of the car is hot man.:skurred:
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    i have a check engine light

    just go to ur autoparts store and have them look at what gas cap u need. about $7
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    whos coupe is this?!?!?!

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    Painting High Beam Reflectors Yellow

    YUP. dont leave the tape on too long.. it pulled off some chrome off my lights.
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    Valdivia187's New Ride!

    got any updated pics.... not feeling the headlights .....
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    GlassJAw's Euro R Accord

    Re: GlassJAw's 2000 CL1 Euro R Accord Sedan :smash: wow that car is sick...
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    yea. must be lead feet drivers... I get about 28 mpg/// with 225k miles.. pretty good.
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    Wings West Sedan kit on Coupe

    i agree..... plus the 98-00 bumper looks way better than the 01-02 bumper......
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    droppin on s-techs tomorrow

    Re: stech install question! is it rubbing on the sway bar? I had that problem when I upgraded to a new rear sway bar, i just bent the exhaust hangar.. maybe post some pics up.

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