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  1. itsallgsho

    98 SMR AV6 w/UPDATED PICS 5/7/12 (56k)

    Re: 98 SMR AV6 98 Accord Coupe EX (56k) Thnx for the comment! SMR ftw haha. Btw, are you not listed in the SMR Crew? You should request to be added!
  2. itsallgsho

    ItsAllGSho's 99 Coupe LX Red (No 56k)

    ikno... i was too much in a hurry over the summer damnit lol. get crap for riding high, and for not being low enough. sigh. at least i tried.
  3. itsallgsho

    ItsAllGSho's 99 Coupe LX Red (No 56k)

    Thnx guys! 1) Its on some generic springs I got for now from a trade... >.> 2) Wish I could go lower, but what can ya do with springs.... 3) Yeah I like my buddy's hatch too. I think he's pushing 400+, idk his setup, but not bad for someone who did most of the work himself. 4) Haha and I...
  4. itsallgsho

    ItsAllGSho's 99 Coupe LX Red (No 56k)

    Re: ItsAllGSho's 99 Coupe LX Red (56k) Updated 12/28/2011. Finally lowered.
  5. itsallgsho

    DIY 98-00 Cluster - white faces/red needles

    RedRyder..... once again you have proven you is da man. Thnx again for detailed DIY.
  6. itsallgsho

    Straightedge's 2000 Coupe EX

    Welcome to 6GA. Your future mods list sounds promising.
  7. itsallgsho

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Changed out my rims to my stock wheels cause of a flat tire due to a good sized nail. =[
  8. itsallgsho

    TEIN Flex Coilovers Installed

    Re: TEIN Coilovers Installed Sweet drop Aeraun! I been planning on the Tein coilovers myself, but really needed to see comparison shots. Are these the basics? Gonna run it on stock shocks? You should drop the front a bit more, to look a lil more aggressive.
  9. itsallgsho

    Wink or Broadway?

    Opinions are still going? OP you decided yet? In which case, my 2cents if it means anything, haha, but I got a 240mm flat broadway, and I think they're great, clear, and not so flashy. It increases your view of other drivers, for safety reasons, plus its cheap, so cant go wrong. Now the wink...
  10. itsallgsho

    Tran's 2000 Red Accord Coupe V6 **UPDATED** (56k)

    Lovin the first pic bro, reminds me of the Euro R. Probably the lip =D
  11. itsallgsho

    Mazda3 Side Markers?

    lol, thnx for the replies guys. now the other thing im worried about is changing my mind later to EK/BB6 markers, but then the hole has already been cut..... thnks. lmao. thnx guys tis true, tis true. although I do wish we had some sort of amber turn signals like the integras. matches better...
  12. itsallgsho

    Mazda3 Side Markers?

    Sup 6GA, question for ya. And before I start, I know about the EK/BB6 amber side markers. Love'em. But here's the thing. You guys think the OEM Mazda3 side markers would work on the Accord, and if so, would it look good? Found some at the local junkyard for cheap, havent pulled the wiring, but...
  13. itsallgsho

    **Updated 8-30-10**Namboyz 2000 Accord Coupe LX (56k)

    Oh.... ok. Thought you got some new wheels from another one of your post. Haha. I been looking for honda center caps too! For my Axis Touring Cups.
  14. itsallgsho

    New member from Bahrain

    Welcome to 6GA! Your Accord is lookin niiiiiiice. Got any further plans? You should start a Members Ride thread. Would love to see more pics, and pics of your H22 one as well.
  15. itsallgsho

    **updated**Mr. smiths 1999 accord coupe

    Self proclaimed cleanness huh!?!? Hah! But seriously, the 6GA is lookin bro =D. PM'ed you on a couple of questions.
  16. itsallgsho

    New car time ~UPDATE

    Sup bro. I can personally say the 04-09 Mazda3 are pretty good cars. They're like the newer Civics of the Mazda world, haha. I bought my wife an 05 bout 3 years ago, for about... $13k with 45k miles. Red, 4dr, Auto. Tranny shifts smooth, motor picks up nice (much better then the 6GA =/)...
  17. itsallgsho

    new ride pics!

    2 seater EG!? Cant go wrong with that. Clean Sol bro.
  18. itsallgsho

    **Updated 8-30-10**Namboyz 2000 Accord Coupe LX (56k)

    Where are these Tenzo's you speak of!?!? =]
  19. itsallgsho

    Thnx alot for the links on the roof spoiler. Would be a great add-on to hide my ugly uneven...

    Thnx alot for the links on the roof spoiler. Would be a great add-on to hide my ugly uneven dot-matrix tint area =/
  20. itsallgsho

    new to 6gen

    Welcome to 6GA. From CT? Best way for pics imo, go to photo bucket (or any other similar site) and upload ur pictures, copy the IMG codes, then add them using the insert image button (the mountain) when editing the body of your post.
  21. itsallgsho

    Didnt even realized you had a roof spoiler... 0.0 Tell me where you got it!!!

    Didnt even realized you had a roof spoiler... 0.0 Tell me where you got it!!!
  22. itsallgsho

    Is my alternator on its way out?

    Not a expert here, but had similar experience before with the whining noise, turned out to be the belts. Took it to an uncle's shop, not exactly sure what he did but he replaced them I think. No more whining noise. Good luck and hope its nothing serious.
  23. itsallgsho


    Welcome to 6GA. Very clean, new paint = instant win, haha. and yeh, x2 on the blackhouse, it would look really nice with ur black car

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