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    H22 swapped 6th gen accord running rich

    Hello, I have a 98 accord ex sedan (manual) that I recently swapped an h22a into. I rebuilt everything to stock specs and the internals are almost completely stock. The only difference was that I installed a set of pistons to bump the compression up to 11:1. I have followed the h22 swap thread...
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    H22a obd1 engine harness pinout

    Hello all, I'm doing the finishing touches on my h22 swap into my 6th gen accord. I have an obd1 harness from a 94 prelude vtec to go with the engine. I however do not have the part of harness that goes between the shock tower plugs and the ecu. The actual ecu pinout is not the problem. I am...
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    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Dang, figured it would be worth asking. I am not really a fan of the all tan dash on my car, and i've always been a fan of the prelude black top and tan bottom dash, but i will look into the cl interior, thank you. :cheers:
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    FS: Honda Accord Moonroof Sunroof Wind Deflector & OEM Radio

    How much for that wind deflector sent to 76002?
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    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Does anyone know if the 5th gen prelude interior (dash, center console) will fit in a 6th gen accord coupe or sedan?
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    Interior Overhaul.....

    Here you go: Hope that helps.
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    Interior Overhaul.....

    Just read through this thread. Great job on the interior! Looks perfect.

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