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  1. 20-CG5-01

    Hello again NO 56k :)

    Updated with 2015 Subaru Wrx STI Thanks! The common RPF1's on S2000's, but they look so good. Lol good eye! I didn't even notice being mounted backwards. Thanks! Yeah, damn heating/plumbing company, saw me grabbing pictures and decides to park next to the truck instead of the side parking...
  2. 20-CG5-01

    Hello again NO 56k :)

    Thanks! Was a 25 seconds exposure at f11, didn't realize it would still stay this dark. Just brought up some shadows and enhanced the clarity in hopes it turned out okay :) Thanks Chris! Yeah I didn't like the sunspot too much on that picture. Would have love to do it earlier in the morning...
  3. 20-CG5-01

    Hello again NO 56k :)

    Haven't been on here lately, but I figure that I would share some pictures with you guys. I gave the car community in my local area a chance to get picture of their rides taken. The population in Kodiak Alaska is less than 7000 people. There are plenty of photographers, but they all are...
  4. 20-CG5-01

    The end of my summer for Kodiak Alaska.

    Thanks Roy! Yeah man, take a trip here. It's a nice place to visit during the summer. The winter though, not so great haha.
  5. 20-CG5-01

    The end of my summer for Kodiak Alaska.

    Yeah man it's a nice getaway where i'm at. It's a small community which is nice because you don't have to deal with much vs Cali where there's a bunch of cars on the road and everything is fast pace. Over here you can relax a bit haha. Thanks man. Yeah I was pretty amazed how it turned out...
  6. 20-CG5-01

    The end of my summer for Kodiak Alaska.

    Just want to share some photos & time lapse video with my 6ga family. All videos/photos are shot with a Canon t2i with a 24-70mm 2.8L. Photos are reduced size to create less bandwidth usage to load. VXmnGn441i0 cDHaXBjbm1M X3T60-L1aC4
  7. 20-CG5-01

    Been MIA for a while :)

    Thanks Chris. Yeah man the hard top was also a big plus. Yeah we got engaged before coming here to Alaska. Dont know the big day yet, but maybe when I've saved enough haha.
  8. 20-CG5-01

    Been MIA for a while :)

    Thanks for the kind welcome lemmy. Thanks Roy. Well the weather here isn't so bad yet. Lowest we got so far is 9 degrees, not as bad as the east coast and other parts in Alaska haha.
  9. 20-CG5-01

    Been MIA for a while :)

    Hello there 6GA community, haven't been on the site lately, but thought I'd like to share some new updates with you guys... If most of you guys haven't known, I'm still in Kodiak Alaska. Just bought myself a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport yesterday. I must say... When I test drove it, I...
  10. 20-CG5-01

    F23 block f20c head

    You wanna do something different from the rest of the 6GA? Throw a K20/24 into it. Only one person (Dre) has attempt to complete the swap. Ran him over $10,000+ in parts alone. He sold the shell before ever getting it to run, never heard anything after that. You can twin turbo your F, that's...
  11. 20-CG5-01

    Found Her at Winterfest 2013

    That stretch without enough drop though. Probably running 205/40-17's? TL had a much better OEM+ look, plus tiffany doesn't suit DEP too well.
  12. 20-CG5-01

    Bad shocks/struts?

    Most likely you axle or lower ball joints. Fix it asap when you can, do you want to risk breaking it and leading into something worse?
  13. 20-CG5-01

    01-02 carbon fiber spoon front lip

    Waste of money tbh. CF lip will break so easily if it gets scrapped or if you hit something. If you do buy one, only put it for meets/events, but what's the point of that. Just because it's Spoon and CF doesn't make it godly with how much you're paying for just that front lip. just my .02...
  14. 20-CG5-01

    DIY: How to polish aluminum wheels.

    Thanks Yes. If you're wheels are in rough shape, painted, or clear coat is just giving out. The aircraft paint remover takes care of all that junk. If they aren't painted, were they previously polished/dipped/powdercoated, either way, you'll have to remove any layer and get to the bare...
  15. 20-CG5-01

    couple questions ???? alignment,bumpstops

    Here. Go get an alignment. Ask them to zero out your toes. Some shops are ****s about lowered cars, but if you're just on springs, then it should be fine. Don't fall for their "Oh we can't do an alignment, without a camber kit" or the "buy our camber kit + labor to install and we will align...
  16. 20-CG5-01

    Stock Catalytic Converter vs. No Cat vs. High Flow Cat

    Depending in some states countries, running no cat/gutted cat/test pipe will not be allowed in your area. Beware, running cat will make your car stink so bad if you stand behind it. In california, it's illegal to run a car with no Cat, if you do get pulled over for it by the cops and they find...
  17. 20-CG5-01

    Terrible Gas mileage?

    Yeah that. LOL thanks Chris. Imagine if we got 200 miles in .5 gallons.
  18. 20-CG5-01

    Terrible Gas mileage?

    Are you sure you're calculating the mileage correctly? Yes that is terrible, but you can be off by a few. Here's how to correctly calculate your mileage using math. Make sure either trip A/B is 000.00 Fill the tank to the top until it clicks "ONCE". Drive until half tank. Fill it again until it...
  19. 20-CG5-01

    FS: High Flow Cat (v6)

    Pretty sure it won't pass smog. Only high flow cat I know that can pass smog in CA is the Mangaflow highflow, but then again i've heard they can't even pass the new smog emission now.
  20. 20-CG5-01

    Painting the engine bay?

    Don't forget to change the blinker fluid, vtec oil, and the coolant oil bypass.
  21. 20-CG5-01

    Painting the engine bay?

    Who has time to paint their engine bay. If you want a different color engine bay, paint the car and leave the bay untouched.
  22. 20-CG5-01

    J32 swap on a F23 engine bay?

    Sell the Accord and buy a V6 if you want less of the headache. You also gain bigger brakes, 5 lugs, leather interior, and less wiring. This topic has already been discussed so many times, and they all result to the same answer. It's possible, but don't count on it being easier than having a...
  23. 20-CG5-01

    FS: Work VS Mesh (NSFW panty droppers)

    Nice wheels. Sexy as fuh, tried zilvia yet? even though you'll be getting bs offers. Off topic, but I love how your signature still has Vlad's old username :D
  24. 20-CG5-01

    Track day at Buttonwillow

    ****ing amazing Johnson! Glad to see the car is put to good use.