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  1. V6DZ

    Exhaust recommendations?

    Here’s some shit photos. But yeah that dna cat back was not the best choice. Super cheap. Sounds like shit. I need to find a resonator or silencer. Something. I mean some 16 year old kid would love it. I however. Don’t need all that attention. Also get yourself a test pipe for your cat...
  2. V6DZ

    DR sd Cv axle noise

    Hey guys, I have a 2000 hond accord ex. So recently have been changing all the parts in my front end. Everything is going pretty well. There is just something im a little worried about. Idk if its an acceptable amount of play or not. so ill do my best to describe it. i dont have a video at...
  3. V6DZ

    Exhaust recommendations?

    Those Flashark headers worked out great. finally got them installed. I however had bought the second half from DNA. and was super unhappy with them. But the headers and Jpipe. Looked great. Stainless steel so it wont rust. and there welds looked really good. I took a dremel and spend some time...
  4. V6DZ

    Exhaust recommendations?

    Just ordered a set of headers from Flashark for my J30. There on sale right now. Kinda a steal. but well see. ill keep yall posted
  5. V6DZ

    IVE-W530 Alpine Head Unit Settings not available

    So recently was given a super nice alpine double din deck, Got it installed. and i can play cds and radio but cant connect bluetooth. or get any settings to show up Went back through and installed the foot brake, and emergency brake wires. Emergency Brake Wire - Yellow/blue - Wired into the...
  6. V6DZ

    Multiplex Control unit. No Light on Instrument Cluster Gauges

    2000 Honda accord v6 Instrument cluster has never worked. Well The lights for the gauges have never worked. but the Lights for the warning lights, blinkers and all those work just fine. After doing research im finding multiplex control unit being the culprit. I have tore the cluster out...
  7. V6DZ

    2000 Honda accord v6 alternator rebuild

    Hey, my names Dylan I’m new here. But anyways got a 2000 Honda accord v6. My lights are dimming as I idle. So it’s time t get an alternator. But I always have to try to upgrade everything to better. What’s stopping my from buying a rebuild kit for the odyssey and rebuilding the accords...