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  1. purplehaze

    Morimoto Retrofit project

    Re: Morimoto Retrofit experience super clean man, im impressed by how you found that the maxima signals would fit in there like that
  2. purplehaze

    olivesomra's 99' Accord Coupe V6

    super clean front end, good work
  3. purplehaze

    Teaser!!! >_<

    you should get the baysonr "oem replica" lip cheaper, and i like it =)
  4. purplehaze

    New to 6ga

    yeah, the body kit is one of the better ones ive seen
  5. purplehaze

    Flashmatrix' 2001 Accord LX Sedan

    i like the blacked out grill never seen that on a sedan before, since its molded into the bumper
  6. purplehaze

    So I got my alignemnt yesterday....

    his name is mr UTI
  7. purplehaze

    purplehaze's '98 v6 ex sedan

    haha no, i wish i had it thats just a future plan
  8. purplehaze

    purplehaze's '98 v6 ex sedan

    haha yeah, ive had it for about 2 months now
  9. purplehaze

    purplehaze's '98 v6 ex sedan

  10. purplehaze

    FS: Full Accord part out, moving on to an S2000

    dam everyone gets s2000's after 6gens bump for u
  11. purplehaze

    New Ishhhh

    very nice get some ff type 1s or something so you can go lower =) gotta love the drake too
  12. purplehaze

    life after the 6th gen

    best advice ever.
  13. purplehaze

    ILoveMyCG Naples Gold 2000 Sedan LX 5speed (new pics! )

    Re: ILoveMyCG 2000 Sedan LX 5speed lol your front end is identical to mrlazie1, unpainted and all
  14. purplehaze

    ADR 18" SZ1 Gunmetal

    heres a lil help i personally like your current rims better
  15. purplehaze

    626 mini meet/ photoshoot

    im down with an earlier shoot too
  16. purplehaze

    626 mini meet/ photoshoot

    ill prolly be a lil late so ill just meet you guys at the mall
  17. purplehaze

    7th gen intake fit on 6th gen?

    lol me too :hide:
  18. purplehaze

    New LA/OC Meet!

    bbq is the best idea. ever.
  19. purplehaze

    Found Grids with +12 offset

    lol i always get so excited when someone gets a new set of wheels ..
  20. purplehaze

    New LA/OC Meet!

    put me down man :gride:
  21. purplehaze

    The new XXR wheels are finally on sale...

    up until today i saw the 522's in 16" and under w/ 0 offset only and they looked horrible mounted these are 17x9 +25, imo the spokes still poke out too much i feel so let down =(
  22. purplehaze

    Accord_J30a (6/22/11)

    Re: Accord_J30A 2K Accord 6spd i love this gray for our accords and that valve cover is beautiful.
  23. purplehaze

    *swollen_cu's* 2002 Accord EX Sedan UPDATED 2/28/2010

    looks sick dude, a lip would really set it off i wish your headlights had a lil more chrome to them though
  24. purplehaze

    Monthly Los Angeles Meet

    theres always the typical guppies in cerritos edit: lol and the coffee houses in westminster/santa ana :naughty: