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  1. halfpinoythug

    Gonna leave the accord scene

    its a cx. dang u have a good point. it does have an aftermarket alarm lol
  2. halfpinoythug

    Gonna leave the accord scene

    yeah i had that same thought in my mind
  3. halfpinoythug

    Gonna leave the accord scene

    b18 gsr
  4. halfpinoythug

    Gonna leave the accord scene

    Ive had my car for almost 3 years now. its done me good and never left me stranded. i think its time for somethin new... well actually older. I have my eye on a 95 civic hatch already swapped and ready to go. somethin like this...
  5. halfpinoythug

    o2 sensor

    So I need a new o2 sensor so I can pass emissions. My prob is idk which one I need. One is for cali emissions and the other is federal. How am I supposed to know which one I need? They said I'm supposed to have a label under my hood but I checked and don't have one. Can anyone help me out here?
  6. halfpinoythug

    spindle assembly

    yeah i watched his vid. didnt show some parts that i want guidance on. ps i like the way yo ride sits
  7. halfpinoythug

    Will 225/55/17's fit a 99 sedan

    i have 225 50 17. hella chunky lookin but i actually like it. the front will be fine but your worries will be in the rear. i had to roll out the rear quarter panels and cut a lil bit of the rear bumper. with that ive had no problems
  8. halfpinoythug

    spindle assembly

    alright, so i had this effed up wheel bearing on my front passenger side. after driving on it for boutta week it made a couple of my studs pop clear off. luckily i was able to get a hold of a spindle assembly. i was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to do this myself. i searched all...
  9. halfpinoythug

    To those with shaved door handles...

    I was wondering how much in parts n labor it would cost for me to get my door handles shaved and get door poppers installed. If anyone has any idea, your help is appreciated#
  10. halfpinoythug

    noise from front passenger wheel

    so i have this noise coming from one of my wheels... i hear it more when driving at slower speeds. sometimes it sounds bad, other times not so bad. kinda like a clicking sound. hear it less at faster speeds, but could be cuz exhaust drowns it out. i have suspicion that its a bad wheel bearing...
  11. halfpinoythug

    6ga Decals For Sale. Order Here. *YES I STILL SELL THEM*

    Re: *Special Discount*Decals For Sale. Order Here. Imma want at least 2 white ones plz!
  12. halfpinoythug

    NEW WHEELS! 1/28/12 halfpinoythug's 2000 Accord sedan, panda (56k)

    Just got new wheels off of craigs, can anyone tell me what kind they might be?
  13. halfpinoythug

    serious noob question

    sounds good yo! i plan on gettin headers, high flow cat, and catback. i just wanna make sure everythings gonna fit right before i proceed with buying
  14. halfpinoythug

    serious noob question

    i was lookin at yer members ride page... u dont have headers?
  15. halfpinoythug

    serious noob question

    stock cat?
  16. halfpinoythug

    serious noob question

    So im planning on gettin a complete new exhaust setup. The headers have a 2 inch outlet but the high flow cat has a 2.25 inlet... so my question is will the holes for the bolts match up with each other even tho they diff sizes??? Id really appreciate it if anyone can help me out hereee
  17. halfpinoythug

    6ga Decals For Sale. Order Here. *YES I STILL SELL THEM*

    Re: *Special Discount*Decals For Sale. Order Here. when will u stock up on white ones??? ive been checkin this week after week after month, and still no white :(
  18. halfpinoythug


    so i ordered these windshield wipers i really like cuz they come in white and very sleek looking. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with em? brand is called oktane
  19. halfpinoythug

    UPDATE!!! my 00 coupe accord/prelude rear conversion..

    Re: my 00 coupe accord/prelude rear conversion.. i like the lude end! props
  20. halfpinoythug

    black interior sunvisors

    im wanting to get black sunvisors. in good condition, no tears or anything
  21. halfpinoythug

    hey i was just curious if u know what kinda ebay headers u have?

    hey i was just curious if u know what kinda ebay headers u have?
  22. halfpinoythug

    for some reason i want this|Model%3AAccord&hash=item25675f5867 only $135 sounds good. but will it sound bad? lol 2.5 in piping so it cant be that bad right?
  23. halfpinoythug

    dash mat

    thanks for the input guys! i just wanna get a black one to cover the ugly brown color
  24. halfpinoythug

    dash mat

    So im wanting to get a dash mat. just curious if anyone has a certain brand they like or dont like. ive seen some suede ones online that seem pretty kool but can get pricey
  25. halfpinoythug

    6 3/4" fit?

    just hope the magnet doesnt stop it from going in all the way