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    FS: Sold

    Re: OEM Headlights (pair) w/ eyelids Orlando area No eyelids Shipped? ... :tumbleweed:
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    LA/OC caravan to the official socal meet in san diego

    you can add me to the list:beer:
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    LA/OC caravan to the official socal meet in san diego

    your right... +1 more! :) what is missing to take?
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    LA/OC caravan to the official socal meet in san diego

    debating whether or not I should roll?... If you guys don't mind a beat scratched not good looking accord to roll next to you guys.... hhmmmm :thinking:
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    LA/OC caravan to the official socal meet in san diego

    Smart phones have apps for walkies.... :p
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    FS: SSMNVCG3's For sale thread (Prices & Parts updated 2/24/14)

    Re: Hernandezniko's For sale thread(engine parts/random other parts) grill shipped to 91402?
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    High Mileage 6th Gens

    98 rolling on 250k miles on it :peace:
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    URGENT: Need Passenger Side OEM Headlight Reflector

    The orange thingy majiger ?... I think I have mine still...
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    FS: Misc. Car Parts!!!

    Would like to know what those crossovers do?... Noob <--- :jae: are those used for tweeters only or for other speakers?... and Shipped to 91331? price please >.<
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    What's an...

    Wow like a hundred ten for the egr!:eekwtf: mmaannn I thought I was looking at like thirty dollars! lol I'm guessing theres no performance cat hu just get a regular old cat thats cheap hu?
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    What's an...

    Omg I googled it but just info came out of it... Thanks I guess ill just do it myself and replace it thank you for the info!.... Have another Q I'm ganna do some research on it but what would be your input on a catalytic converter? You think.. I'm think its useless to get one but would like...
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    What's an...

    EGR.... My car engine light went on and the mechanic told me its the EGR low insufficent flow or something like that... Is that fixable with some tools or it needs big crazy tools like taking it to a shop?.... Well the guy at Pep Boys said it could be clogged or it has to be replaced?... What...
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    My 2000 Front end;)

    ^ :lolhitting: Should just have done black housing,But mmeehhh your taste...... dddaaammnnn! how does it look with the lights on!? Looks dark as hell lol
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    FS: 98-00 Sedan Taillights

    Re: 98-01 Sedan Taillights If you still have em up by the end of the week ill PM u for em...:D
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    FS: Lock plz.

    Re: 98-02 sedan window visors. Interested<--
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    The dreaded stock.

    Yeah its always nice ppl just starring about a week ago I was going North on the 405 and this silver sedan on the far left lane passed me while I was on the second right lane I caught the guy with his head turned about a 140 degree angle I was lmoa after he turned cause he was looking over for...
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    Santa's little ride

    Oh wow havent been here for a while and damn... thats nice you where going to get this h22 off the gb but ppl didnt come thru right?:redxdance:
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    OFFICIAL December 20th Alhambra, possibly toy drive, whos down?

    wait....... so this happend already?....:confused: edit: oh I see it was updated on the 16 lol
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    End of year meet at Super Autotoyz next Wednesday December 23rd.

    Oh wow so there will be vendors selling HIDs or is that you selling em? lol:coffee:
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    Issue With Wipers going over the windshield

    If there are new and it makes that noise I would say the wiper needs to get worned out a lil so it can go away but if it doesnt then you need to take it off and slide it back in right had the same problem but not on my accord it was on a 05 sentra did that and wala it was fixd(then again it was...
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    SECONDSKIN Damplifier Hybrid Project

    uuuhhhh I would Like to see the picture as soon as possible :icon_toilet:
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    FINALLY!! I finished my headlights =]updated pics 12/9

    Re: FINALLY!! I finished my headlights =] Wow nice set ill have to finish up on mine soon lol been holding back cause some friend gave me his crappy hl and i just went from there so now i just need to buy the lft one :ugh2: let me know where you got that light strip:nutswinger:
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    Motor4Toys Meet 12/6/09

    LIES!!! thats the name you gave your engine what are you talking about ...... =P :lawl:
  25. jvirusvirus

    Motor4Toys Meet 12/6/09

    oohhhhh annddd ooommmmgggg!!! this engine made this and it was in this..... :lolhitting: .....or was it?......:thumbup: