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  1. whitegourd

    MT fluid leak

    This is perfect! Thank so much!
  2. whitegourd

    MT fluid leak

    Hi guys, I've had a slow MT fluid leak dripping off the bottom of the transmission for some time now. I finally traced it to the top of the transmission where the shift arm cover is located. I'm looking to replace the oil seals but wanted to get a heads up on how complicated it is to change it...
  3. whitegourd

    Homelink conversion

    It is possible. I've done it on mine. The homelink is a tad too bulky to fit in the LX. You'll need to make sure you get the LX version of the homelink. It's all plug and play. Just use the same existing plug.
  4. whitegourd

    H23A vtec swap into 02 EX MT

    Are you planning on getting it barred? If you are, you'll also need to make sure you have the cat that goes along with the engine. When I got mine barred, they looked at everything, ecu, even the evap canister as that also has to come from the H engine. It took me 3 rounds to finally get mine...
  5. whitegourd

    Takata Air Bag Recall ROUND 2!

    The second round of recalls are also inclusive to those that were recalled already. Defective air bags were swapped in. Link
  6. whitegourd

    Owner's Manual

    Found a site that has full owner manuals for download. (sorry if this was already posted elsewhere on this forum). Thought this would be helpful for those that didn't have one already.
  7. whitegourd

    Door unlocking and opening help.

    I recently replaced the actuator on my passenger rear. This video clip shows how to take the panel off, once the panel is off, there is a plastic covering that you'll need to peel back. From there, there are literally two screws that hold the actuator down. How to remove the door panel
  8. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    Yearh, you're right, I just measured and am at 24", not 23" like I thought I was at.
  9. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    I'll measure it tonight to double check. I'm pretty sure I'm at 23" though. I'm on 17/45.
  10. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    Was the CAT, once I replaced it, I was home free!
  11. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    a little over 100,000. But had it rebuilt. Also, as and upate. I finally got it barred. The State Ref in Winnetka actually has an in-ground dyno. The guy there was really cool too.
  12. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    Trying to get it barred. Failed because of high HC levels. 78 at 15mph (max 60).
  13. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    A little too far for me. I'm in the Santa Clarita Valley area. Although I've got family that lives right near Oxnard College. Didn't even know that they had a ref station there.
  14. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    I'm pretty sure it is. I've got 23" fender to ground. I think the problem is that my CAT is hanging lower than it should. He probably saw that when he looked under the car. I called up the State Ref appt center and they said the one closest to where I live that has an in-ground dyno is in...
  15. whitegourd

    State Referee with In-Ground Dyno

    Has anyone in SoCal gone to a State Ref that has an in-ground dyno? Ref at El Camino College won't let me get on the dyno until I raise my car. Thanks in advance.
  16. whitegourd

    masking headlight

    Blue painters tape should be easy on the chome.
  17. whitegourd

    96 Accord lx: Name this part?

    Number: 4
  18. whitegourd

    Check engine light Code P1457

    I had this code for a while. Would always pop up in the morning before heading to work. Mine turned out to be the evap solenoid. Replaced it and hasn't come on since.
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  20. whitegourd

    p1381 need help

    Allternator diodes may be the problem. diagnose diodes
  21. whitegourd

    H22A4 & F23A1 weight difference

    Do anyone know how much of a weight difference between both stock H22A4 & F23A1 engines are? I've heard that the A4 is a bit heavier, but not by how much. I'm getting my swap done this week and was curious as to how they are on my F2's, more bounce or non-significant? (tried searching &...
  22. whitegourd

    Help diagnosing an issue (Video)

    Had that happen to me in the past with my stereo install ...
  23. whitegourd

    2000 honda accord SE

    Welcome to the site. If I'm not mistaken, it'll take some serious work to get the J32 swap in your engine bay. Looks like you have a F23 in there .. ?
  24. whitegourd

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve - (aka Qwikvalve)

    Price paid: $22.95 Purchased from: Rating: 10/10 Comments: Couldn't be happier getting this installed. Never have to worry about stripping the threads on the bolt/oil pan. Makes changing oil simple as can be, with no tools at all. Recommend it for those DIY oil changes. Fumoto Oil...
  25. whitegourd

    Thoughts about OBX Short throw shifters

    I like mine a lot. Just be sure to double check that the bolts don't loosen up on you over time. Mine loosened up a bit so I ended up tightened it down with lock tight.