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    Fiberglass sub Enclosure

    How much did something like that cost (total cost of materials/maybe labor)
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    Fiberglass sub Enclosure

    any particular reason why you're not a fan of fiberglass enclosures? I'm still new to this
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    Fiberglass sub Enclosure

    Hey wats up guys. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of Bassforms. They make fiberglass sub enclosures and they seem like a really good deal comparing to having a shop fabricate one for you. Here's their site Let me know what you...
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    dorky_doo's 2002 coupe ex

    ^ thanks...but I much rather have white :)
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    Telescope Questions

    Hey, i was wondering if it was safe for my eyes to look at the moon with my telescope without any special filters. I know i need special filters for looking at the sun but what about the moon?
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    dorky_doo's 2002 coupe ex

    Here's my car! It's pretty much stock under all the sheetmetal. Let me know what you think. :) Interior: -Kenwood Headunit -LED Interior lighting Exterior: -Painted TYC Taillights -Tenzo R Shu-10 Rims -6000k HIDs Future: -Hopefully getting rid of taillights somehow and going back to stock...
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    and then it happen

    ooo...sorry about that man....
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    »Form follows Funtion« MikeyMike's »3.5 »S/c »6 Speed MT »Coupe [Updated 2/20/11]

    Re: MikeyMike's 99 J30A1 6spd CG2 [56k or 72 virgins] what type of material did you use to get the silver accents in the cup holder area? looks really good
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    DubC's 2001 V6 Coupe

    i wanted a white one......
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    Finally SAW IT!!!!! PICS are UP!!!!

    I agree...I think that the 6th gen accords do look the best :thumbsup:
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    Finally SAW IT!!!!! PICS are UP!!!!

    i wanted one at first, but it just looked bloated after a while
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    Find the man

    haha its so amazing when you find him
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    little photoshoot.. 18pics! 56k, im so sorry

    i like your shift knob.
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    head tracking w/ wii

    that looks so trippy!
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    Honda Emblem

    wow...i wouldve never thought o that. + on creativeness
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    f23accord2000's sedan (56k dont even try it)

    any further future mods?
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    SIRSIG reporting for duty !

    very nice
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    Cloud's 2000 Accord Coupe v6 (updated 10/20/08)

    Re: Cloud's 2000 Accord Coupe v6 the close-up shot of the front side is simply amazing
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    99VtecAccord's 1999 LX Coupe w/Nitrous!! (CLICK ME!!)

    seriously...they need to somehow have more of those oem lips in the market!
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    LWLBA's 2001 Eternal Blue Pearl Accord Coupe EX updated 08-13-09 (56k bad idea)

    Re: LWLBA's 2001 Eternal Blue Pearl Accord Coupe (56k bad idea) front looks nice...any pics of the rear?
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    The Golden Coupe

    Re: The Wicked One's Gold Coupe EX V6 01 beautiful car...i kept my headlights stock too...i personally think it looks better.
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    BlkCurrantKord's 98 Coupe LX

    i want to see some more exterior pics soon! lookin good so far
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    turtlebone's '99 Coupe LX (56K beware)

    nice did you make the interior trim silver with vinyl pieces?
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    R35 Viewing at the DC Autoshow

    saw the gtr at an auto show too...awsome looking car from every angle
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    Pickin These Up Today

    cant wait to see how your car turns out