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  1. eggs

    Been a while!!

    I haven't been on here in forever, figured I'd give you guys a little update on the M3. I haven't made anywhere near as much progress as I hoped to make but oh well Here is a bonus shot of my freinds griogo telesto m3
  2. eggs

    Beauty and the Beast

    Those headlights are redic!! Glad to see you still have this car!
  3. eggs

    damn window visors

    The short shifter is def needed, I'm very excited to see what you do with car, I know it will be sick
  4. eggs

    damn window visors

    Does it handle as well as they say it does??
  5. eggs

    damn window visors

    Congrats on the new car Andy!! Welcome the rwd world!!
  6. eggs

    Egg's 1997 Hellrot red M3

    Bought it on Craigslist for 100 bucks painted the color of my car I love my vaders but I wanna change them out for recaros
  7. eggs

    Egg's 1997 Hellrot red M3

    Just a few new updates
  8. eggs

    Doms 1990 Mustang GT

    Welcome to the rwd world dom!!!!
  9. eggs

    FS: e46 retrofits free to the person picks them up

    i have a set of e46 retrofits. i am just trying to get rid of them at this point i just came across them they have been sitting in my spare room for while, whoever wants to come pick them up from me can have them for free.i think i still have eveything that is pictured except for the honda bond...
  10. eggs

    Only K Series 6th gen!

    i was thinking the same thing, always was a little upset that this project was not finished, shame to see this car get parted out
  11. eggs

    Parents won't let me mod

    I know this is a terrible example to use, my parents were the same way when I was 16, but they started come around as you get older. When I bought my coilovers for my car, they gave me some grief about it. And I told them atleast it's not drugs. Prob not the best arguement to use but it worked...
  12. eggs

    starting to come togather.... still a pos

    Glad to see another member pulling off 19's in there cg
  13. eggs

    iHazSnail vs RedRyder Voting

    Damn this is a close one
  14. eggs

    The opposite of slammed

    Knox you did I remember a guy wanting to raise his accord. never saw anything happen with it tho
  15. eggs

    What colour should I paint my calipers ???

    Silver, keep it nice ac's clean
  16. eggs

    Little update

    It's been good overall, just temperamental like an other German car, usually when something goes wrong like another thing usually breaks. motor is running well, now that It has been aligned it driving like a dream tho
  17. eggs

    Little update

    Have not been on here in what seems like forever, figured Id share a couple pics of the m3. I've slowly been making progress with it, as I have been using it as my daily
  18. eggs

    Exhuast questions
  19. eggs

    Stupid question

    You're better off just keeping it all stock, cutting springs is a bad idea. Maybe try buying a used set or rear lowering springs that are like an inch or so
  20. eggs

    ROTM: Christmas!!

    That's awesome!! :big_banana_Dance:
  21. eggs

    Blower not working on 1 & 2

    I would say it's most likely the blower motor resistor, but since you replaced it I would check the blower motor itself, but it could be a defective resistor
  22. eggs

    FS: Like New Valentine V1 Radar Detector.

    How much is cheap have money ready
  23. eggs

    Lowered in winter/snow

    I agree at this point of the fall you're better off waiting til the spring, save for some awesome wheels, I live near nyc and I just put on a set of snow tires for the winter The nice part about coilovers is that you can adjust your height so raise it for winter and lower it for summer