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  1. BPAccord

    Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!!

    Roll call!!!
  2. BPAccord

    R-1 Family and Friends Discount Anyone need any brake or brake components, feel free to use the discount code. Ive ordered from them throughout the years and just wanted to see if anyone else could use the savings. Enjoy.
  3. BPAccord

    FS: Used 225/40/18 Yokohama Yk520 tires

    henry pick me up and ill go with you. That way we can just take him and you wont have to pay!
  4. BPAccord

    Raymond Neice Photography

    Always top notch stuff buddie. Congrats on getting to live your passion everyday.
  5. BPAccord

    Some Flicks. T.G.O.56k

  6. BPAccord

    Official Random Photo thread

    Andy I really like the one with the " DO NOT ENTER" sign. Can I use that as my album cover?
  7. BPAccord

    6th Gen Accord Coupe

    I have a white, manual, coupe for sale. Though it has 210K miles and the interior is shot. If your brother is looking for a car that needs a little tlc then i can help him with that.
  8. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    Thank you sir. I had originally wanted a RWD 6Spd one too. But those are a rare commodity to come by these days like unicorns and virgins.
  9. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    Bath salt.
  10. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    Not really...dont care much for the fleet really. Never been a lexus fan...but ive always wanted an IS every since this model came out in 2006. I like it for its looks. If you ask me for all the specs....i wouldnt be able to tell you much. but id have to agree. Gilbert is an ***.....not...
  11. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    I am starting to notice im becoming more of a douce. But i think thats because im friend with they cant be validated. and yes...Tiptronic.
  12. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    In due time Andy. Just be patient. Took me 6-7 years before i could afford one. maybe after im done paying it off. dont have any expendable income. :skurred:
  13. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    Too clever for your own good Derek.... Yea...welll im pretty sure he upgraded his income along with the car...i on the other hand....not so much Thank you kind sir.
  14. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    Thanks fellas. Ive always wanted one since i first saw the 2006 model. It's probably not up to par on some specs, but i love the way it looks and it handles good enough for me. Its a 2009 with 30K miles on it. Black Interior with Granite finish. Leather Interior. Navigation. Rear Camera...
  15. BPAccord

    Finally bought a new car

    The 6thgen has been retired. I went and picked up a 2009 Lexus IS 250. Starfire Pearl White with Black Leather Interior.
  16. BPAccord

    6GA T-Shirt giveaway + more

    Large :beer:
  17. BPAccord

    Hot Laps! - Follow-up to World's Greatest Drag Race

    damn that LFA is pure sex.
  18. BPAccord

    The reason why I've been MIA

    YOu Mother#@WFsd bastard. I saw you Friday night and you didnt even mention anything. I'm going to have to resort to kicking your a$$ again everytime i see you.
  19. BPAccord


    she has a new song too.
  20. BPAccord

    OFFICIAL socal meet Aug 13th Santa Monica pier

    Tell me bout it. Good ol days. Now if i do show up to one, i feel all old and ****. NO wonder Roy never came to any of mines. Tell me bout it dude. It was easier back in the days cuz my brother in law didnt work.