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  1. thecrown59

    overheating, its confusing

    This happened to me 3 weeks ago.. You might have fixed this already but heres some help for anyone else experiencing the same problem. 1st. check fans if both work: Check fuses. Then if only one works plug the working plug into the other fan to check if it works also. 2nd check if...
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    UPDATED: I can't believe I have to resort to this....

    if the debt is insane... try speaking to a bankruptcy attorney...
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    Tokico Blues or Illuminas

  4. thecrown59

    Tokico Blues or Illuminas

    Someone hit me up.. I have had Sportlines on my car for a while and the ride is getting kinda rough. Must fit for a Sedan V6. Thanks
  5. thecrown59

    DIY: Clean your IACV

    for V6: #2 for i4: #9 I just did this on my v6.. worked like a charm.. but my tranny is still slipping, gonna flush out my tranny fluid tonight
  6. thecrown59

    Cat Converter

    ok any1 recommend a good hi flow cat that doesnt burn my wallet?
  7. thecrown59

    Cat Converter

    my cat is shot also.. i hate that annoying rattle and now its and now the car is choking.. I hope its not my tranny ****ing up also.. cuz on d4 it starts choking on 1st gear then it passes to 2nd and when it tries to get to 3rd it slips to neutral and stays there for a while... but then i turn...
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    // Calling all Miami 6ga members! || Accord Meet || Sunday March 29 \\

    I'm down to go.. if i dont work.. I'll see if I can get off that day:beer:
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    Full DIY 01-03 JDM civic fog lights install

    what do u do with wire J?
  10. thecrown59

    Heather mist

    yea.. i dont like it either.. thats why ima paint mine pearl white..:D
  11. thecrown59

    DIY: Using OEM Fog Switch with Civic Harness and Foglights

    Its cool man... im the same way with school, work, and other things that pop up.. thanks for the heads up tho.. sucks u cant get it to work C_S_L .. but i cant be like that .. i'm kinda of a perfectionist.. even with the fogs(they dont fit flush so im bonding em and making em apart of the...
  12. thecrown59

    DIY: Using OEM Fog Switch with Civic Harness and Foglights

    well if u could do that asap it would be great i dont want to have to disconnect the power wire everytime its day... thanks..
  13. thecrown59

    DIY: Using OEM Fog Switch with Civic Harness and Foglights

    i connected for power right under the steering column were juicebox said to connect... but still no go for the switch... just stays lit up and wont turn off the fogs... :eh: I didnt tap into anything of the car.. just connected the fog plugs .. the grounds... the plug for power under the...
  14. thecrown59

    DIY: Using OEM Fog Switch with Civic Harness and Foglights

    Im actually having a problem here.. I followed the juicebox's DIY for the connection and everything is on fine(had a lil problem tho with the cheap bulbs they sent me, and i had to buy 2 new H11's for $40 WTF!).. my problem is that the lights turn on when the car is turned on and the oem switch...
  15. thecrown59

    HELP:takign off window trims.

    I would like to know how to take 1 off also... I have dents in the drivers side because some asshole tried to steal my car.. I also need a link to buying the new 1 for the drivers side sedan.. I think TAS sells it but I'm unsure which 1 it is because there are no pics...
  16. thecrown59

    Engine or Exhaust Problem..

    yea i meant to replace with aftermarket one... not oem
  17. thecrown59

    Map light switches

    damn... i was kinda hoping i didnt have to do that... well i guess i go to the junk yard and poc:chucklesfawk:ket them
  18. thecrown59

    Tail Lights (No 56k)

    I did this... I just painted the reverse light housing black... left the chrome on the bottom reflector for the brakes...
  19. thecrown59

    A Noob Coilover Shopping

    WHY THE **** DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING I NEED A CAMBER KIT THEN!! God I hate it when i get misinformed...
  20. thecrown59

    A Noob Coilover Shopping

    true... if u want ur tires to last:chucklesfawk:
  21. thecrown59

    Clock Lighting?

    some of the people on ebay that actually sell the LED clock lights have the DIY instructions on their websites/auctions/items... Maybe this website from one of the vendors will help u out:
  22. thecrown59

    Anyone know to Take window tint off?

    yea... throw a spark plug at your'll come right off... :owned: lol jk...
  23. thecrown59

    A Noob Coilover Shopping

    :eh: yea u get the toe zero'd but u need a rear camber kit.....
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    Chat Room

    :tgf: use internet explorer... works like a charm