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    EBay Find of a 08 6speed Manual

    I just thought I'd post this in case anyone was looking for one. I know I am but I don't have the money. Just window shopping until I rack up the money from my Air Force time.
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    ecu v6 question

    Just wondering since I have a 2002 v6 ECU Laying around would it be compatible with a 98 v6 and if so is there any benefits to the swap?
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    Planning for the future

    Thanks for the input. Drifter's shop definitely seems very well outfitted. I am also curious what's the benefits from choosing the J35 over a J32. I heard the J32A3 engines are very well built and I've been interested in going to that.
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    Planning for the future

    I am currently enlisting in the US Air Force and planning some car work once I have money saved up. I found a shop close to home that according to their site does, "maintenance, swaps, turbo chargers, rebuilds, chipping/socketing, tuning, diagnostic, and general repairs." The information for...
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    Busted O2 sensor harness

    Well that's what I was wondering about. Would cutting the wires and soldering on a new harness end-piece be sufficient? I don't want that affect the signals correctly making it to the ECU.
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    Busted O2 sensor harness

    This winter decided to play with my wiring. Drove through some snow and it pulled on the catalytic converter's oxygen sensor wiring. This caused the car-side of the harness to break and now the heater check wire is no longer completing the signal due to the harness being cracked open and wires...
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    FS: 2001 Accord LX Sedan in Connecticut

    I updated first post to include photos of the car.
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    FS: 2001 Accord LX Sedan in Connecticut

    Alright.... I guess I'll get those pictures. I was just trying to do him a favor since he needs to get the car sold hopefully soon.
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    FS: 2001 Accord LX Sedan in Connecticut

    My friend, Gabe, is selling his 2001 Accord LX and I offered to post it on here for him. The car is located in Hartford county Connecticut. It's a 2001 Honda Accord LX 4cyl black sedan with 119,000 miles. From what he told me it has a remote starter and Anzo headlights for extras. He's posting...
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    Link is broken and look around some more. There is other sites people have linked on here for cheaper.
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    FS: NY/NJ/CT Craigslist Findings

    Coupe rear bumper cover, side skirts, tail lights
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    Spark Plug question

    Anyone? I need to know soon. It's his daily driver and needs it running stable.
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    Spark Plug question

    What makes them incompatible? I am just curious.
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    Spark Plug question

    I have a spare set of 98 Honda Accord v6 spark plug wires and I have a friend that has a 93 civic with one bad spark plug wire and needs a cable. Would that be compatible for this car? We don't want have to dig around for one cable if I have the spares. I'd greatly appreciate a response on this...
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    Vacuum Line and Throttle Body

    Yeah. I figured. Just wanted some opinions before I made in impulsive buy on something that is not needed to sustain the car's longevity. I have most of my mechanical things finally fixed and just got 210 miles out of half a tank with some aggressive driving involved. It's been awhile since I've...
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    Vacuum Line and Throttle Body

    Okay, here's my question and it's nothing serious because it's not really affecting anything but I did notice it. My engine is from a 2002 V6 and my intake manifold plus throttle body is from a 1998 V6 since it is a 1998 with the 1998 ECU. I recently noticed that my throttle body has a port on...
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    hot rims (literally)

    The noise could be many things. I'll list some of the noises I've dealt with around my brake area. One is the dust shield rubbing and I had to push them more toward the inside of the wheel well. A squeal pad underneath the brake pads could be misaligned. Another thing is a rod guide on the brake...
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    Should I Worry?

    Alright. I worked out what the problem was. My O2 sensor defouler I've had on since I put on the headers was the problem causing the P0133 code. It was a tad small and somehow in that time had built just enough exhaust build up around the opening to make it throw that code so I switched to...