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  1. EyeWishXD

    DIY how to make your clock light red in 5min UPDATED PICS

    My light doesnt even turn on -_-. Does that mean i need a replacement bulb? thanks btw.
  2. EyeWishXD

    Socal Sightings!

    Spotted the white accord at the autozone in grand terrace haha.
  3. EyeWishXD

    Socal Sightings!

    oh shoot, i forgot to change that, i live in san bernardino now. lol. my bad.
  4. EyeWishXD

    Socal Sightings!

    hhaha i saw keychain on 10 E near the waterman exit just 30 minutes ago!!!!!! wonder what he was doin up so early hahaha oh and there was a clean acura TL behind him too.
  5. EyeWishXD

    FS: Wheels, Tires, Injen SRI

    Re: SALE!!!!!! SedanWW Lipkit + MORE!! would that lip kit fit 01? or just until 2000??
  6. EyeWishXD

    Silencer reomoval

    LOL yea i thought about the pita tugging too, ima give it a try later on today, thanks man.
  7. EyeWishXD

    Silencer reomoval

    oh i forgot to change that, yea i dont live there anymore i live in san bernardino now, yes i kept my stock. lol thanks for the heads up though man.
  8. EyeWishXD

    Silencer reomoval

    ok, well I just installed my new Megan Racing cat back exhaust, and it came with a removable silencer. I took the bolts off and everything but the silencer still wont come off, do i need WD40 or something?
  9. EyeWishXD

    weird popping noise/weird shaking when idle

    yea my friend also told me it might be back fire, ima record it sometime today and hopefully catch the noise. thanks , mang.
  10. EyeWishXD

    weird popping noise/weird shaking when idle

    could be true, but i got a new cat yesterday, so the rattling noise is already gone. If only i woulda known that before hand i probably shouldnt have changed my cat and wasted money-___- so fml-_- thanks though.:thumbsup:
  11. EyeWishXD

    weird popping noise/weird shaking when idle

    hey guys , my catalytic converter makes rattling noises, and weird popping noises when i accelerate. I recently replaced the cat so the rattling is already gone, but that popping noise is still there every time i accelerate on the freeway ramps, im not trying to be fast, just driving normal...
  12. EyeWishXD

    Exhaust Questions (help a noob please)

    i actually bought that same exhaust a couple weeks ago, i havent installed it yet cause my catalytic converter is rattling or something. but it should be around $377 and that includes tax and shipping. Its basically bolt off bolt on if u have something high enough to raise your car. if u take it...
  13. EyeWishXD

    01 transmission

    actually, do u guys know what kind of fluid im supposed to use, if im changing the tranny fluid? also, what brand is good?
  14. EyeWishXD

    01 transmission

    Looking for a transmission for my 2001 accord Ex, my transmission is just starting to slip for some reason -_______- :wtf1:
  15. EyeWishXD

    Post pics of yurself

  16. EyeWishXD

    Ride of the Year "iHazSnail"

    WTF KINDA foglights are those?!:o
  17. EyeWishXD

    Wired on Honda/Pro Tuner Parts - K&N Headquarters Meet - PICS!!!

    Re: Wired on Honda/Pro Tuner Parts - K&N Headquarters Meet, Riverside July 25th FML for not paying attention to this thread-__- i live five minutes away from it too-_-
  18. EyeWishXD

    FS: header, gaskets, headlights

    oh, sorry.How much is shipping for the headres to ca 92408
  19. EyeWishXD

    FS: header, gaskets, headlights

    how much for shipping to ca 92408
  20. EyeWishXD

    What's your cars name?

    Naomi, because backwards, it spells "i moan"
  21. EyeWishXD

    FS: Falken 2" Lowering springs. new in Box $70 Shipped

    wil they work for 2001 sedan? any way you can ship it if they do?
  22. EyeWishXD

    FS: Rays G-games + AEM Big Rotor Kit

    omg.. those are gorgeous.. i might just buy em my next pay check if they are available lol DAMn..
  23. EyeWishXD

    Indonesian newbeee..

    whoa snaps there ARE a bunch of indos.. lmao awesome .. ! indo meet! jk
  24. EyeWishXD

    Indonesian newbeee..

    Welcome=], YO IM INDONESIAN TOO!
  25. EyeWishXD

    DarkSideAccord's 1999 G23 powered I4 sedan (56K go sleep)

    damn! that sucks lol.. freakin gay.. =[