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    8thgen accords photoshoot during fall IA tenn. 2013

    damn that blue 8th gen looks good
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    BlkCurrant's '05 Impreza RS

    that all sounds like typical subaru stuff. Yeah that trunk and those taillights are some of the best exterior mods to do to a GD. As far as the turbo build goes, save yourself the trouble and just swap it if you choose to go that route. Not worth the 20k miles you'll be able to get out of it...
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    Ringing in 2014!

    Congrats on the birth of your son. As far as my resolution goes, nothing I plan ever sticks so I'm just going to live life and survive in this crappy economic times
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    New from CT

    Thank you. I'm looking and looking. I really can't wait to get in one
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    Jan/Feb Voting

    love that tan sedan. That color really grew on me
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    BlkCurrant's '05 Impreza RS

    props to you for sticking with an N/A. Not something a lot of people do. I envy you for that wingless trunk though. Tried looking for a JBP wingless for my old 04 and gave up
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    syclone's R32 GTR

    There's a few non federalized skylines running around in CT. There's an R32 GT-R a town over from me handfuls of S15s and R34s and a couple of R33s running around as well. Some states don't give a crap about what cars are registered whether it's legal or not. But I feel like it's a matter of...
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    FS: 06-07 STI Front Lip

    interesting that an STi lip fit a 6th gen. looked good though
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    *Slammed Thread* (56k)

    My kinda party this thread As do I. There's a lot that are 5 speed swapped but with the W58. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one either way I have a true soft spot for the JZZ30 chassis
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    New from CT

    Hi 6GA. My name is Matt and I'm in CT. I don't have a 6th gen Accord but I do have a Honda S2000 I purchased right before Christmas time. I'm new to the Honda scene and the 6th gen sedan is one of my most favorite Hondas ever made so looking to do some research and etc and hopefully buy one...