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    where in socal are you located?

    where in socal are you located?
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    OFFICIAL So-Cal Accord Meet 2009

    add me on this list. is there gonna be san diego caravan?
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    esdeeezys 99 accord

    yea. im free tuesday wednesday and friday due to work. let me know whats up.
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    esdeeezys 99 accord

    im down. sounds like a good idea.
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    esdeeezys 99 accord

    Im down in the Chula Vista part. What about you?
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    esdeeezys 99 accord

    Updated with my 7th gen.
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    sd2000av6's 2000 Honda Accord V6 Coupe (56k probably not a good idea) new update

    Wassup. I saw you like last week. Your the one that dropped my 7th gen.
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    esdeeezys 99 accord

    wassup everyone, Used to be my older bros, i guess he passed it down. those are pics of it when it was a show car. you can find everything that we have done on that site. Gonna be rebuilding it later in the future, maybe gonna go NA. Thanks heres my 7th gen: heres my 6th gen:

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