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    My totaled Accord :(

    well i took at turn at 80mph...cause i was being dumb. when i went to get back on the straight away after the turn i was just going too fast and the back end slid out. i fishtailed a good four times before ending up on the otherside of the road and fishtailing into a telephone pole.
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    My totaled Accord :(

    well im ethier going to get an acura tl or another 6th gen. im leaning towards the accord cause i loved that car. but both are nice....and the tl has the 3.2L :D
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    My totaled Accord :( i just saw u close my thread cause of that. im following the rules...he asked for my e-mail
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    My totaled Accord :(

    that was all stock. i checked my pm too ill let you know everything asap
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    My totaled Accord :(

    Just about a week ago I totaled my Accord. The back took all the damage, leaving the whole front of the car untouched. The car still runs, and everything in the front is in great condition. Which is a shame to have the whole car in great condition...but the back is smashed. Here's some pics of...
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    my 98 project

    my car looks just like this lol....but worse
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    **** kEyChAiN's Honda Accord **** (1st Page Updated 1-5-10)

    Re: **** kEyChAiN's Honda Accord **** (1st Page Updated 7-27-09) i wanted to do something like this with my car but its totaled now
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    UPDATE: AUG 9, 2011 - Millzes 2000 ACCORDian 4banger

    Re: Millzes 2000 ACCORDian 4banger nice car
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    Tsk Tsk

    Closed by JMF23A
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    Sharpie paint job.

    dude thats so cool.
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    Accord Sedan Crash Test

    thats for sure :eek:
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    finished my sig :D i thnk this one is alright

    finished my sig :D i thnk this one is alright
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    My Fake Wannabe Euro-R

    this car is so clean. i like it.
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    UPDATED 12/31/12, i haz snail..56K be warned!

    Re: UPDATED 03/19/09, i haz snail..56K be warned! ur car made my pants all messy
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    If you like the smartcar, you'll LOVE this....

    1.) its ugly as **** 2.) if u get hit in that thing ur going to b a roadside pancake
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    PasswordJDM photo contest

    get ihazsnails accord out there that ***** is sexay
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    mini photo shoot

    white accords ftw
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    BACK TO 4x4 mode sigh.......(03/27/09)

    o0o shes clean
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    Sup guys

    thxs for all the warm welcoming lol. and rickey u gotta hit me up when u finish those stickers
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    Sup guys

    Hey guys im new to the forums. I plan to slowly mod my 99 Accord so I'll post my progress on the forums. Enjoy.

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