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    Foglights: OEM vs "OEM style"

    Even though I have the sedan, I'm sure they're the same thing. I have OEM Style from eBay and it sucked. When you get the package, no directions on what to do. Doesn't tell you what to cut or how to cut it. They provide you with a bag of screws, but the screws don't even screw into anything. The...
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    Damn Deer!

    +1 Must have been a fat long deer to get right door damage.
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    Light Bulb in glove box

    I read on another accord forum that the bulb in the glove box is the same as the rear license plate light bulb, but you'll need a bulb that is at 90 degrees for usable light. They also said you might be able to angle the socket to use LEDs. And the license plate lamp size is 168. Correct me if...
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    After replacing tail light, light doesn't turn on

    :dumb: I guess while pulling the bulbs out I was careless and or somehow the bulbs burnt out. My problem is fixed...
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    After replacing tail light, light doesn't turn on

    Problem solved. CLOSE
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    turbodyota's accord

    Are your fog lights UNDER your bumper? :thinking:
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    possibly losing my license

    I use to go 80 on freeways until I realized if I stay at 65, I'll get 100 more miles to a full tank of gas. :jae:
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    Poser 6th Gen Stories

    ^ +1
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    firesheep: one click facebook session jacking.

    :thumbsup: Even though this add-on will let you hack people's cookies through a public network, I think most of the public networks have some sort of Firewall anyways. :Starwars:
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    Im done with my 56k jk maybe

    I see you listen to Mac Dre, down for that hyphy bay area stuff eh?
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    Moving on from the Accord - 2011 WRX Hatch

    Just a little faster?! :eh:
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    First time driving manual

    Haha, nice one. Well good luck on your future 5 speed swap!
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    Na na na na na na na

    So you stopped liking them until you heard this song?
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    First time driving manual

    You get to work at a performance shop and not know how to drive a manual? Don't most shops require you know how to drive both so you can move the car? Haha.
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    firesheep: one click facebook session jacking.

    What happens if, after you track somebody's cookies, the creator has it secretly sent to him too. The internet world is not safe! :skurred:
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    New lips for sedan accord

    That's not a mugen lip, Mugen lips don't have those extra slots on the bottom like that eBay one does...
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    Dealership Fail... In case the link goes dead: Since when did Accords and Camry become the same car?:eusa_doh:
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    civic conv. to m3!!

    That shaved rear is bleck. :rice:
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    whats unique about your 6thgen

    eBay fog lights that don't screw into anything even though the box sends you the fog lights and a bag of screws but no directions, so it's placed into a hole barely big enough and zip tied.
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    Russian guy on R1 (This guy is crazy)

    Re: crazy russians! That was ridiculously insane!
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    My New Ride! Update!

    Digging the RSX wheels. Hope the sedan treats you well.
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    Popo Hunting season sucks...

    +1. I don't believe in quota, because some months, you see a lot of them at the end of the month and some months, you don't see any at the end of the month.
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    AEM Short Ram Intake Screech/Whistling Sound

    Does the screech happen only when you're gassing? Because when I started my car, the engine would screech and I asked my mechanic friend and he said the mechanic that did a tune-up tightened the belts too tight or it was the other way around where they were too loose and had to get them...
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    twokAccord's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k) (Updated)

    When you turn on your fog lights, does the 3000k hids and the yellow tint make it sort of greenish while the bulbs warm up? I have yellow fog lights and 3000k hids and it makes it look all green and rice. :(
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    Phantom Odyssey

    Yeah! That's what I said, the red one I think.

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